Saturday, September 12, 2015

Life lately

Life has been busy lately. I still have not been feeling well. I had one ct scan that was clear but another one needs to be I am still waiting but have no clear answers.  I do temporarily think we may have found some medication that is relieving the symptoms I am having a little better.

I want to thank you all for thinking of us and praying for us.

We have elected to keep the Internet off at home but I do have a cell phone and I am attempting to blog using that.

So life here lately has looked like this.......

Our daughter started pre k

It has been a year since my husband's brother was murdered and we could not travel for the remembrance ceremony held in Delaware so we sort of had our husband did get to talk with his sister and hear the singing performance by phone. We sat around our table and shared our own memories of Billy and when the ceremony in Delaware was over they released balloons and we blew out candles on our end.

Our son started 4th grade

The kids received 4 free weeks of karate lessons.

We recently went to a Jacksonville Suns game we were so early that we were one of the first 25 people and we're able to donate blood and get free tickets to the game along with a couple hot dogs and drinks.  We also got free t shirts and hats.

We go to the library once a week for a story time and to check out movies

That about sums up life lately and shares a couple ways we saved a little cash but have had fun. It's been stressful sometimes because we still have some financial issues...and how to best take care of them causes my husband and I to disagree. This is my first post adding pictures from the blogger app if it is distorted I apologize and will work to do better next time. Thanks for waiting and reading.