From Trash to Treasure

                         Upcycled Pop Tab Bracelets!!!!

                       This page displays all bracelets currently available for purchase. 


                              From Trash to Treasure

is officially open for business.  There is only one of each item available.  They are each homemade. Sometimes home made items have flaws that add to their character!  The asking price is currently $5.00.  If you are not local, I ask that you add $1.00 for shipping.  I have taken the time to turn something that could be discarded as trash, added a personal touch to make it your personal treasure!

                                               black ribbon, with three black rose accents added.

Silver ribbon with sparkle, key charm added.

               Gold ribbon with sparkle, center bead is clear green  heart, and side beads are green/gold

                black ribbon, with black heart center bead, and small black beads added

I hope to add new items weekly!  Be sure to check back.  Thanks for looking.


I do currently accept PayPal.  If you would like to place an order please email me at! or leave a comment!

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