Sunday, February 3, 2019

Cutting the Corporate Ties!

Wow it has been so long since I even wrote, I wasn't sure if the blog would still be up...LOL. 

Life has been the roller coaster ride it always was.  I worked a regular job the last 16 months from 9 am to 730 pm nightly  (hours varied daily.)  There were lots of adjustments and sometimes hardships for everyone.

I experienced some personal financial set backs and even working that job and giving it my all, I was still on the brink of losing everything.  I was so worried how I would provide Christmas for the kids, and if I would be able to keep our rental and some nights what we would eat.  I decided as the new year began there would be no more nights like that.

I started looking for a job that offered better pay and possibly better hours.  I didn't find anything but I had started driving for Uber, and delivering for Door Dash and a company called Post Mates.  I was only doing these things on my days off or hours before I had to be at my regular job.  I found that I am close to matching my hourly pay at my corporate job.

After enough drama and what I feel was unfair treatment occurred at my regular job, there was no future, or even acknowledgement there.   Yesterday I cut the "corporate .tie"  I will focus on being self employed with these delivery companies for a bit, and maybe keep an eye out for something I really want to do that will have hours prayerfully conducive to having a family.  I love my family, and I want to be home for a regular meal, not rushing to eat do homework and then go to bed.  I want time to play, make memories, and remember what my hobbies are.  Here is to working for myself for a bit and seeing where this path leads.  I have spent so much time laying awake and being afraid, I am happy I took the leap.  Stay tuned to see where it leads, I hope to post more.  I have a wedding post to share, and birthday post to share, to still give a few money saving tips!

Love to you all, be Blessed,


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

It is Spring!!!!

Or so they say, I have heard across the nation that the weather has been temperamental.  I guess I have not written much because I really do not know what to write about much lately.  I have saved a little money I suppose.

I salvaged a trash can in my yard and washed it out and brought it back in to use in the house.

I purchased tickets and armbands for the Clay County Fair in advance saving 30.00 overall.

Accepted hand me down bodywashes and perfumes from a friend who is allergic.

The father daughter dance at my daughter's school is next Friday and she had no dress shoes that on a pair we saw a few weeks ago for over 30.00 were on sale for just 12.00 so I purchased those, and she can use those for a bit.  I also purchased a multicolored flower bracelet from a friend who sells Paparazzi jewelry that her father can give her that will last longer than real flowers.

I still sell Senegence Skin Care on the side, and I am working my full time job. If you are on Facebook and would like to join my group you can search up Lady J's Luscious Lip Lounge.  My hours have been reduced, but I am learning to live within what I make, and praying to be sensitive to God's leading and direction in my life should there be opportunities I am not seeing.  A good friend is staying with me helping with the bills and with the kids....this whole situation is a work in progress.

My kids for the first time in a long time wanted to go to the park, so we purchased tennis rackets at the Goodwill for 1.99 each.

My daughter got an award for Perfect attendance the last nine weeks of school.  I cannot believe that school is almost over.  Only one semester left already.

We also participated in a school sponsored Skate night...and though the school receives proceeds from the event, my kids get to do more activities for less money.

It is not money saving but I went on my son's field trip with him to Medieval Times.  It was alot of fun and a bonding experience with him.  My best friend thankfully kept my daughter overnight and got her to school the next day!!!!!

I hope everyone else is working to find joy and making room to enjoy life.  I know we must work and care for other's along the way....but make some memories!  Here is some encouragement if you are feeling defeated like I often do.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Life Lately

It has been crazy per my usual. As you all know I work full time now outside the house. I am so sorry I have not provided you with an update since the hurricane. A lot has happened since then. My little girl turned 7.

Christmas came and went.

We are now into the second month of the new year.

My budget is as tight as it always was. My daughter is struggling very hard to master reading and math in first grade and I struggle to help her with it so that is something that I am trying to take to God In Prayer.

Recently I have to say I've been working very hard on the house finishing the decluttering mission and just trying to get life in order. I had a very dark time a couple weeks ago I actually had to go to my doctor and get some help. Circumstances have changed a little and I have a very good male friend that is helping me out with the children as often as he is able to. My ex offers support and he was doing pretty good for a couple of months but this month he's falling behind a little but God is good I've been working over 50 hours a week. Why all the overtime is good I really do need some time for mental health so I'm glad that the work hours are about to slow down a little.

A few months ago I got a new to me car I am not one to Advocate a car payment but I do presently have one. I hope very soon to start making enough money to pay extra so that I don't have to pay the full term of the loan at least.

I officially became a sentence distributor back in November. If you're interested in joining my group in learning more about the product I'd be happy to have you.

I promise to begin posting more regularly and to give you some insights to some homemade projects we've been doing. Honestly with work I haven't had time to be homemade I did not give a single solitary homemade gift for Christmas I did not make one single project I am ashamed to say that everything was commercial this year. However I have come to realize that being creative is a form of therapy for me. And I have been very depressed over the last few weeks but my circumstances are beginning to change. I feel like the medication that the doctor gave me helps. So if you're ever struggling with something don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help and if the first person you asked ignores you ask somebody else don't stop until you get the help you need. I hope you all are well I look forward to sharing more with you in the upcoming days.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Did u know that is the name of my grandmother who passed away in July last year. This storm approaching has made me think of her soooo much. I even wore the necklace she gave me to work Friday. She was strong and for all the stuff she had been through in life though not practical i thought she would live forever.

It is also funny because I had not seen my Uncle, one of her sons since he moved out earlier this year but he showed up on my door step the weekend that i was really ill.  This week he helped me with the kids since schools were closed because of the approaching weather.  He wants to move back in but that is a story for another day.  Irma June was my grandma's name.  I have just been lost in alot of thought during this storm.

I have been processing why certain people just were not a good fit for my life and why it is best God closed certain doors. Someone used to pour their heart out and say how much they wanted to be a part of my life and when they got the chance they flipped the script and hurt me and i now know they have a love and always have had a love for another person. Why waste all that time pursuing me when their heart lies with the point of a dangerous obession on social media. Some people are just dangerous and liars. Truly disguised as a sheep but in wolf's clothing.  That person turned out not to be a friend. My regret is believing the lies, but thankful for God's protection. Being married so long i lived a different kind of life and i just dont understand the world today.  Not saying that i am sinless or blameless i just see much clearer now.  My dad told me i needed to branch out and make a new network of friends but it is just so difficult.

I am slowly working on moving forward in life as you all know.  So far in this storm we are fine. Heavy rain. Thanks to the love and support from you all and from check ins and suggestions we managed to get prepared for the storm.  We did not evacuafe but should ot be necessary we have places to go.  To pass time we have been baking.

Needless to say eventually we will all be eating and be a little will be praying for everyones safety. Much love to all but one of my followers the dangerous one... and if u read this unsubscribe from my blog and get my photos of your social media you know who you are and i can con tact you but you cannot me.....  I would fix this if we could but i cannot remove you from subscription. Please do the right thing so i can move on. Thank you. Please just i dont need to see anything that reminds me of you. Sadly you have left a long lasting damaging effect.

Everyone else much love and to everyone be safe. Please know that if you comment they have to be moderated now. Only i can see them initially because of certain life events.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

One day at a Time

We are surviving.  Last weekend I came down with some really nasty virus and I could not get even off the couch.  It was a tough weekend to be sick and alone other than my two kids of course.  I wanted adult interaction so badly.  It was an experience.  Whatever it was most of the people I was around seem to have experienced similar symptoms, except my kids thankfully!  It was such an emotional weekend but also an eye opener.

I don't know what I have been waiting for, someone to save me I guess.  I want things that are never going to happen. I stopped waiting for someone else to care or provide, don't get me wrong, I love the support I get from you guys, and I do have a couple of friends in my actual life.  What I mean though is I stopped waiting for someone to want to come along and help me, I realized in reality I may not have anyone in my life that I can physically see and touch other than my kids, but I know God hears me.  I got up when I finally could on Monday.  I went to the laundromat.  I spent the day applying for jobs, and I don't remember when but there was a day that I applied for a job I just wasn't sure I would qualify for, and the hours don't really fit with my life needs, but you know what I got it.  I am finding a network of rewards, and a couple of reliable people to help me out with the kids and this is going to work.

My ex for the very first time in a long time after I sent a quiet but very firm hopefully eye opening text to him sent a little support our way.  My tire is now fixed, the kids got a thing or two, and well now I think I need to replace my washer.   It broke while I was sick.  We have this week been rearranging furniture.  I sold two of our reptiles and that netted some extra funds that will now be used get me to work!

I looked through my closet and I have enough professional type clothing to mix and match for a weeks worth of items.  These last two years have really royally sucked.  I learned so much about the world, and men.  Men that are in the world are wild beyond anything I ever knew existed.  They are into things that in my sheltered life I had never experienced.  They make empty promises, tell you they want marriage when they have a woman sitting at home.  This lady is not dating anymore.  It's just unreal and a joke.  I also spent the week getting rid of bad memories.  Throwing out old pictures belongings.  Photos from my marriage and when the kids were born will be remade into something for their baby and memory books.

It is just seriously time to move on and start moving forward it's like I have just been sitting here waiting for something to happen.  Looking for fixes to problems in the wrong places.  Well here my friends is to new beginning, old flames dying, and to doing things we never thought we could!

Monday, August 21, 2017

This weeks savings.

Another week has passed us by.  I can't believe this is the beginning of the second week of school for my kids.

So financially this week....

I was able to get a charge of $10.00 refunded to my account that was not authorized.

Cleaned the house using a vinegar and alcohol mix using old shorts as cleaning cloths.

Made homemade hair detangler with a conditioner sample that I received last week at one of the give aways.

We have been monitoring our online usage because last month we went over, and I cannot afford to go over on anything.

I reduced our Netflix plan saving about $3.00 a month.

We extended the life of our cat litter by adding baking soda.

We are also still air drying laundry, hand washing dishes, and unplugging all we can when not in use.
The thermostat is set at 83 sometimes I will push it up more if we are going to be out.

I cut my son's hair.  We had a bottle of hair bleach sitting in the cabinet, so we did our own hair.

A friend blessed me with some bug traps and spray for indoor outdoor use, we have tiny little wood roaches wanting to take over the bathrooms.

I used collected rain water to help fill the washer when doing laundry.

I had a job interview today and there will be another tomorrow.  Each position is only part time, but I believe it can be made to work if I am offered either one.  I continue to put in applications at any place I can.

I ask that you all say a special prayer today please for someone that used to be important to me and I to them because they are going through some unspoken things that were not meant to happen and which I cannot fix for them.  I tried.

May you each be blessed.  Thank you for those that are following along and have offered words of encouragement.  It means so much!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Attempts at being Frugal and Blessings.

So I should completely take down that last post....that person who wanted to be there for us well that turned out to be bogus and blew up in my face totally. I am officially without income, without a roommate, and in a place I cannot afford.

However my ex told me that all the doors just seemed closed in Florida that maybe it was time for me to move to Delaware.  I am not really wanting to bend to his (my exes )will at the moment. Such a move is not completely off the table if I fail but guess what no job or house there either. I mean my kids could live with their dad, but that leaves me now where and I don't want to be without my children.  So I did go before God and I prayed and I know it's time that I need to be self sufficient somehow to provide for my children.  Blessings abounded this week..  My savings were not of my doing but of divine intervention.

My daughter received a free hair cut at a local church.  A lady offers her services for free to the church that offers the food bridge. I also participated in two back to school giveaways.  These events were a huge blessing.  My son needed pants and surprisingly he is extremely picky and I was able at each event to find him some shirts that fit and the specific type of pants he likes.  I also found a pair of shoes for him.  My daughter was able to select 2 outfits at each event.  Though I don't really feel she needed anything. We did also receive some free food and some school supplies....which was definitely a blessing, because even with those free items, I still spent about 50.00 out of pocket.  I did sell a little jewelry which help offset the cost.  My ex is also supposed to be offering us a little support this month, but I have to wait and see if it makes it.

One of the give aways included plain black back packs.  My daughter was feeling extremely ungrateful.  I told her she could still use her old back pack then.  Well we came up with a brilliant idea as a compromise.  We visited the craft department at Walmart and purchased two containers of fabric paint and she decorated the black bag and her pencil box using the paint and some other things we already had here at the house.

When we were in the craft department, we also purchased iron on patches because I cannot sew to save my life.  We plan on repairing several pairs of leggings, a few of my shirts, and some jeans with those items.  I will show you our completed pile.  We plan to cut fun shapes out of the patches and use the fabric paint as well.

I received some vouchers to help with expenses like gas, though that was driven out pretty quickly, and also to help with rent and electric.  I fought with the state to be reinstated into their work or welfare transition program, and will volunteer the next two weeks and receive some assistance from them for a time.  It appears through these open doors we may be able to maintain our current home for maybe 60 days.  I am in fear of what happens next.  Roommates are not working out for me.  I cannot find another place with out a job.  Daily I am sending out my resume and putting in applications for all sorts of things.  I have decided to start speaking life over my life starting with this:

And My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches and in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:19.

We are working to make each morsel stretch if there is something we do not eat we try to make it fill out a meal for a pet.  We had some freebies for fruitcups and drinks at Chick Fil A as well as a frosted coffee and a cookie.  Also a friend treated us to our favorite local pizza place called Vito's last night for dinner.

The tread on my rear tire blew on my van.  The event could have been so much worse.  We were not traveling fast and the tire did not go completely flat.  A Clay County Sheriff's deputy stopped along with another gentleman to help change the tire.  I did not expect this.  I am so glad it happened though because I had just removed road side assistance from my insurance because I reduced things to the bare minimum to keep expenses low.

Our last electric bill was 218.00.  Completely affordable for me and outrageous.  I was able to receive assistance which helped me get ahead, but we are being super cautious.  Everything is being unplugged when not in use.  I pushed the thermostat to 83 and told the kids to wear shorts and play where a fan is running. I also am washing clothes but shortening the wash cycle to the shortest one, and drying them for only 10 minutes.  They are air drying on my porch now to finish.  I am praying to know how to use every penny faithfully.  From pet supplies to housing if there is something cheaper out there.

My kids are a little anxious but I am putting in applications pretty much daily.  I was gifted 20.00 by a friend for gas, and I also will cash out 15.00 in Swagbucks for gas as well.

I hope next weekend to host a yard sale I have posted many things on facebook for sale with little success. I need to raise the cash for a new or used tire.

I also saw my doctor who prescribed some new medications and for some reason insulin needles are not covered by my insurance and she went to see if any patients had turned in any that were unused and unopened.  I was blessed with 10 syringes.  I am temporarily blessed with state insurance so I can have my medications.

I also cut up the toothpaste container to strain the last little bit cuz my kids are picky and like a certain kind from the dollar tree but I am not going there until I can combine errands.

This week I plan to begin exercising and measuring my food.  Having my diabetes is putting me at risk and I want to be here for my babies.  So no more fooling around.  I am the only actual family they have in this state.

To reduce expenses more, I may drop my cell phone next month. It's already paid for this month and the phone number is on alot of applications.  I pray God opens a door for steady income in the next 60 days.  The state if I can complete their program offers 300 monthly and while wonderful doesn't begin to cover housing.  It will pay car insurance and a power bill with a little left over.  I am choosing though to speak life into our lives.

Meditation on verses others have sent and shared.  What are some of your favorite word of encouragement.