Saturday, August 12, 2017

Attempts at being Frugal and Blessings.

So I should completely take down that last post....that person who wanted to be there for us well that turned out to be bogus and blew up in my face totally. I am officially without income, without a roommate, and in a place I cannot afford.

However my ex told me that all the doors just seemed closed in Florida that maybe it was time for me to move to Delaware.  I am not really wanting to bend to his (my exes )will at the moment. Such a move is not completely off the table if I fail but guess what no job or house there either. I mean my kids could live with their dad, but that leaves me now where and I don't want to be without my children.  So I did go before God and I prayed and I know it's time that I need to be self sufficient somehow to provide for my children.  Blessings abounded this week..  My savings were not of my doing but of divine intervention.

My daughter received a free hair cut at a local church.  A lady offers her services for free to the church that offers the food bridge. I also participated in two back to school giveaways.  These events were a huge blessing.  My son needed pants and surprisingly he is extremely picky and I was able at each event to find him some shirts that fit and the specific type of pants he likes.  I also found a pair of shoes for him.  My daughter was able to select 2 outfits at each event.  Though I don't really feel she needed anything. We did also receive some free food and some school supplies....which was definitely a blessing, because even with those free items, I still spent about 50.00 out of pocket.  I did sell a little jewelry which help offset the cost.  My ex is also supposed to be offering us a little support this month, but I have to wait and see if it makes it.

One of the give aways included plain black back packs.  My daughter was feeling extremely ungrateful.  I told her she could still use her old back pack then.  Well we came up with a brilliant idea as a compromise.  We visited the craft department at Walmart and purchased two containers of fabric paint and she decorated the black bag and her pencil box using the paint and some other things we already had here at the house.

When we were in the craft department, we also purchased iron on patches because I cannot sew to save my life.  We plan on repairing several pairs of leggings, a few of my shirts, and some jeans with those items.  I will show you our completed pile.  We plan to cut fun shapes out of the patches and use the fabric paint as well.

I received some vouchers to help with expenses like gas, though that was driven out pretty quickly, and also to help with rent and electric.  I fought with the state to be reinstated into their work or welfare transition program, and will volunteer the next two weeks and receive some assistance from them for a time.  It appears through these open doors we may be able to maintain our current home for maybe 60 days.  I am in fear of what happens next.  Roommates are not working out for me.  I cannot find another place with out a job.  Daily I am sending out my resume and putting in applications for all sorts of things.  I have decided to start speaking life over my life starting with this:

And My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches and in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:19.

We are working to make each morsel stretch if there is something we do not eat we try to make it fill out a meal for a pet.  We had some freebies for fruitcups and drinks at Chick Fil A as well as a frosted coffee and a cookie.  Also a friend treated us to our favorite local pizza place called Vito's last night for dinner.

The tread on my rear tire blew on my van.  The event could have been so much worse.  We were not traveling fast and the tire did not go completely flat.  A Clay County Sheriff's deputy stopped along with another gentleman to help change the tire.  I did not expect this.  I am so glad it happened though because I had just removed road side assistance from my insurance because I reduced things to the bare minimum to keep expenses low.

Our last electric bill was 218.00.  Completely affordable for me and outrageous.  I was able to receive assistance which helped me get ahead, but we are being super cautious.  Everything is being unplugged when not in use.  I pushed the thermostat to 83 and told the kids to wear shorts and play where a fan is running. I also am washing clothes but shortening the wash cycle to the shortest one, and drying them for only 10 minutes.  They are air drying on my porch now to finish.  I am praying to know how to use every penny faithfully.  From pet supplies to housing if there is something cheaper out there.

My kids are a little anxious but I am putting in applications pretty much daily.  I was gifted 20.00 by a friend for gas, and I also will cash out 15.00 in Swagbucks for gas as well.

I hope next weekend to host a yard sale I have posted many things on facebook for sale with little success. I need to raise the cash for a new or used tire.

I also saw my doctor who prescribed some new medications and for some reason insulin needles are not covered by my insurance and she went to see if any patients had turned in any that were unused and unopened.  I was blessed with 10 syringes.  I am temporarily blessed with state insurance so I can have my medications.

I also cut up the toothpaste container to strain the last little bit cuz my kids are picky and like a certain kind from the dollar tree but I am not going there until I can combine errands.

This week I plan to begin exercising and measuring my food.  Having my diabetes is putting me at risk and I want to be here for my babies.  So no more fooling around.  I am the only actual family they have in this state.

To reduce expenses more, I may drop my cell phone next month. It's already paid for this month and the phone number is on alot of applications.  I pray God opens a door for steady income in the next 60 days.  The state if I can complete their program offers 300 monthly and while wonderful doesn't begin to cover housing.  It will pay car insurance and a power bill with a little left over.  I am choosing though to speak life into our lives.

Meditation on verses others have sent and shared.  What are some of your favorite word of encouragement.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Life Unscripted-Have you ever been afraid to be Happy?

This is my piece of cyber space and I know my posts have been sporadic and my topics widespread.  I just need to write to day....I guess this could be an unscripted post like I used to write.

Okay so my husband and I have been separated for a year now.  We were supposed to file for divorce.  He agreed to sign the papers then changed his mind, but moved out of state with his girlfriend. His choice I asked for the divorce.  He didn't sign my papers though, and now I have to figure out how to file in the state of Florida without his signature and without having to pay someone to help me figure out how to do it.

On one hand I feel guilt because I know God doesn't like divorce.  I have lost friends because of my decisions, and sometimes I simply miss having my family unit I guess is the best way to put it.

I met someone this year that has been there for me in ways that no one ever has.  He wants to be there for me and support me and my kids in every way possible.  He doesn't have alot as in earthly possessions but he prays for us and with me sometimes, is there for me when my moods are dark.  He would absolutely give up every last thing he had for us.  He listens to my crazy health anxieties, and would like to be a part of our family.  When I can't sleep at 2 am I can text him and he answers every time.

I feel guilty though, because I am still married.  I am also afraid because can someone really love us like that. I am the one used to doing all the taking care of everything but this person is offering to give endlessly to me.  I am afraid to explore it fully.  What if it's real and we eventually find a life together.  What if he really gives me all the attention I crave and is really there for me...and makes me happy.

What if it blows up in my face.  So many questions.  I guess thanks for listening.  Sorry this was not a post full of any vital information.  Instead an expression of pent up questions and feelings. I got married at 17 I haven't had alot of other men in my life in terms of relationships.  I have dated twice this year and I didn't like it.

One day at a time I guess.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Life Lately......

Life lately, has been full of questions.  Trying to make decisions. Investigating things like cheaper rentals, going back to school, applying for jobs, and checking into state assistance for a single mom with no income.

I have sold some of the kids older clothes and will put the money towards purchasing new supplies for school this year.  I have many things for sale but only a little has sold.  Some days I want to throw in the towel, when things do not go my way, but I have two beautiful babies and truthfully for their sake I will never give up.

To save money my son and I recently cut our own hair.  The kids are slowly starting to be a little more helpful because there isn't anyone else to do the things that need to get done.  My son tried to help do the lawn but the lawn mower keeps not starting on us. I keep the thermostat at 80 degrees and mostly wash dishes by hand.  I received a couple of unexpected blessings and letters of encouragement in the mail over the last couple of weeks.  I am super grateful to each of you that took the time to send those.

My son recently turned 12.  His gift from me was a 25.00 amazon gift card which he used to purchase and xbox card, but I earned it through Swagbucks.  My daughter made a cake for him, I supervised but it was a stars and stripes one by Pillsbury.  We refrigerated it and it was delicious.  Someone very special to us had a birthday around the same time and treated us to a day at Adventure Landing where we played in the water park all day, and also had a few rounds of lazer tag.

The kids dad officially moved to Delaware.  We are currently receiving no support, and to be honest I am angry about it.  I know he pays his girlfriends storage what about something, anything to support the kids...

Rant over.  All in all we are doing ok.  I have recently seen a doctor to address some current irritating prayerfully not too serious health issues, and I have been given meds to work on controlling my diabetes better, and if my son's toe isn't broken, we are beginning to run together.  Either way I am trying to move forward from choices I have made and slide out from under the depression that likes to sit on my chest.

We have been making my unique jewelry again.  There is a local art walk on August 2nd and we hope to have as many pieces made as possible in hopes of making some extra cash.  If nothing sells, we still plan on having a good time.  We have made some fun stuff.  If you would like come check it out on facebook  @Youniquelyme Treasures.  Feel free to Like us and follow along...please.  I would be honored.  If  I ever get to 50 likes or followers I plan to do a giveaway!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, ours is almost over.  Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It's been a long time.

I tend to get quiet when emotional things happen, and boy has life been emotional lately.  From fighting for someone who doesn't love me the way I need to be loved, to experiencing things with my ex who is now moving back to Delaware.  The kids and I at the moment are staying in Florida.  I have no income or childcare at the moment.  So yeah things have been crazy.

It has been a year since my second mom Belinda passed, and today is the last time I spoke with my grandmother last year before she passed.  You guys have seen me through alot. I have been on a decluttering journey, and I can say that alot of that clutter is gone. I keep house better than I used to, though I am still not perfect.  I feel a little like I have lost my way, though.  I asked for my divorce, I never thought my husband would leave his kids and leave us without support.  Now I do live with someone that has been kind enough to pay the bills while I provide the food, and do what I can to make odds and ends extras during the summer while my kids are out of school.  The truth is I do not know how long this will last.  This living arrangement has been hard.  There has been alot of fighting, I was almost arrested once, but all the dust from that has settled now.  I don't like dating....I will just leave it at that.  I was married at 17 and just had no idea what the world of dating is like especially now. I have had a taste of it and do not like it.

The truth is I offered my ex a final chance to come home and be a family at least, even if that meant he brought his girlfriend, but he is leaving and he was part of my life for over 20 years so I am not handling things well. I am trying to throw myself into organizing my kids rooms, I don't know how long we will live in this house.  Will we move to Delaware too because the kids miss their dad, will I move in with the guy who pours his heart out to me everyday telling me how much he loves me and wants to give me the life I deserve and wants to make my already made family his own?  I do not know.

What I do know is that my husband refused to sign divorce papers, I am not going to wait for him he can't keep me waiting around hoping I will be there if his current situation does not work out.  Don't get me wrong I am no angel.  I have made so many mistakes and I am in my current situation simply based on financial survival.

School is out for the summer though, the kids are getting big.  They each got lots of awards.

We had a litter of kittens

I realized my daughter looks similar to my mom which was a nice surprise

ooop and the princess got glasses.

I am focusing on moving forward. I  hope to blog more frequently now.  Someone I let into my life during this past year just hasn't been very supportive of me or the things I do.  Said things to me like my jewelry will never sell, even though it did, that my dog sitting side jobs were stupid stuff like that and I have felt pretty crushed and depressed.  I forgot myself and my value. I am beginning to remember now. I value the friendship I share with each of you, and perhaps something profound is on the horizon.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sharing Ways We Save!

I am finally feeling back in the swing of things.

I was very blessed with some savings this week.

The biggest one is that I shopped around for car insurance and found a policy that will save me $354.00 every six months.  I will be going to the agents office tomorrow to start that policy.

I went to Petco to search out pest prevention for my cats and dog.  The items she recommended were 80.00 in store but only $54.99 online.  I only purchased the items for one cat and the dog to see how they work before I buy anymore.  The cashier was nice enough to price match! I also used pet perks and should get some cash back that way.

I saved 20 percent on a haircut at the Smart Style Salon and a Wet brush for my daughter.  (I tried to go to the local cosmetology school but they had a really long wait.)

I made home made deodorant for the first time.  I used it today for the first time.   I don't stink so far though, I have been lazy.

I returned some items and used the credit to purchase more privacy panels for my home.

I opened a new checking account just to get a credit of $25.00, and they offered me free checks which will save me another $20.00 or so.  I am thrilled because I needed to order some, I will just pay my rent from the new account.!

I also sold an item on Offer Up and made $20.00.

The final, involved creativity, as I recently purchased a  larger dining room table from a friend's estate sale.  The fabric on the chairs needed to be redone.  I have been saving some articles of clothing for quite some time hoping to use them for something.  Re-covering the chairs turned out to be what they were to be used for.

This is how they started out. 

This one was covered with an old pair of pj pants that I happened to love the print on.
This was an old t-shirt with PIG PEN from Peanuts on it.  I couldn't throw it away, so glad we could reuse it for something.  I just love the saying on it.  I still have two more to do.

How was your week?  Anything new and exciting.  Thank you all for you tips last week!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy Monday!!!!

So is it a Manic Monday for you?  How was your weekend?

Mine was a little crazy, After not working during spring break due to not having a sitter, I missed some work last week due to developing a health issue that required some medication.  I no longer have insurance, I had to trip to the E.R. where they hydrated me, and pumped me full of some antibiotics.  When i explained I have no insurance, they were kind enough make sure my take home medicine was a free one offered by our local Publix pharmacy.

After all that craziness, I did have to actually work Saturday and they ended up offering me extra hours which I accepted.  Sunday I tried to take a second job and babysit 4 kids, but that almost instantly didn't pan out. I babysat for 14 hrs in what I felt like was an unsanitary, very hot environment.  The guy could use some prayers you all. I know he needs help, but it turns out I am not the super woman he needs for the job. I apparently gave up 14 hrs of my life yesterday, and even paid to feed the guys kids because there was not a way to cook in the house, and it got way too hot.  The kids were super sweet though.  I had to tell him last night that I would be unable to go back.

I think the activities of the weekend, two trips to the zoo for my daughter and babysitting in that hot house may have dehydrated her.  She woke up crying this morning, and not feeling or acting like her normal self.   I was suppossed to work today, but I had to call out due to her needing to stay home.

(How about some Zoo photos for your viewing ing pleasure!)

I am actively looking for a stay at home job at this point.  I am considering taking the leap of trying a monetized blog, maybe selling Lipsense lipstick, or straight looking for some work at home customer service jobs.  I have decided to pray though.  My son brought up the subject of prayer last night.  He felt bad that we couldn't help out the guy the way we thought we could.  He said, "You know we could pray for the guy, Mom."  We both admitted that we have not prayed in a while.  He and I looked at each other and bowed our heads and we prayed for Doug and his boys last night.  I realized this morning that I need to do the same. I don't know how to move forward.  I have some money from tax returns, but I want to use it wisely and not squander it.  I want to invest it or save it for a rainy day.

(Here are some pics of my daughter and I wearing the Lipsense lipstick. It is a long wear, does not wipe off lipstick.  I chose the color Brick.)

I am happy to report and awesome score.  My son is very much into Apple technology.  I am not willing to pay the prices the company would like for that technology.  My son recently was recognized for having the highest reading level at his school.  He is a 5th grader reading on an 11th grade level!  My very good friend in Delaware offered me a deal on her daughter's Ipad 2.  I only had to pay her 30.00 and that is to include shipping.  I told her I would happily pay her the 30.00 plus shipping but she refused.  My son will be so excited, and I wanted to reward him for his academic achievement.

That is probably the extent of my money saving efforts, other than eating all the left overs.  I ate tacos just now.  We have worked hard to keep food waste to a minimum.  We went to the grocery store the other night and spent 200.00 on nothing.

My frugal fails for the week.  I found out my daughter does not like school lunches.  In her stories about her day over the last few weeks, I noticed they involved her and her friends always playing with their food.  She is always starving when she comes home.  It turns out alot of the kids do not like school lunches. I am now packing lunches, so that she will eat.  We qualify for free school lunch.  If the food is gross though, it does not help.

Invested in a lawn mower.   I got to clean this yard up, it was bought new.  Lately I feel like I can't trust strangers when purchasing used items.

Got any good leads on ways to make money at home?  Yes I have read the Penny Hoarder blog.  I currently do Inbox dollars, and Swagbucks.  I also use Ibotta, but when I refer people I don't seem to get the promised bonuses.  I  could use any other tips.  I am determined to rise.

Love to you all.. Drop me a comment, let me know what's going on in your neck of the woods!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Life Lately- Letting Go

It isn't easy.  To let go of mistakes you have made, and relationships in your life that are not good for you.  This week is Spring Break for us, and it has had some unfortunate events, including a pre teen runaway that threatened to harm himself on our property and an invasion of my personal privacy.  The cops were out here alot needless to say this past weekend.  (Yes my kids and I are safe, it was not my child who attempted to run away.)

This week has been spent increasing security around here, pushing toxic people out of my life for good, and moving on.  Admitting to myself who I really am, the mistakes I have made, and learning from them with a renewed commitment to stop repeating them.

I have alot of work to do but I am on a whole new journey to a whole to me, and the people who opted out of my life will be so sorry they missed out on something so great.  Do you know that you are valuable?  Worthy of love, just the way you are?  Don't let anyone push you around, tell you anything other then you are beautiful, or important.

The walls around here are becoming bare as photos are coming down and furniture is being moved.  Soon yard clean up will commence to make room for something or someone new.  Next month, I am headed out to Orlando, and I cannot wait.  It will be a great escape!

I am ready for a new adventure.  I am ready for respiratory illnesses to be gone from this house, but my view was pretty great on the cold days while I was sick.  I slept in the living room with my daughter in front of the fire place.  I had a frenemy (lol) that was (kind/wicked) enough to stay a night or so to care for my kids because I was just really sick.  Unfortunately, the medications I take prevent me from taking any cold or flu medications to alleviate symptoms.

My ex and I are in negotiations to work together better for the sake of our children, and who knew I would care about the well being of a woman I once hated.  He is with the woman I talked about a couple years ago when I found out he was talking to someone else.  She was a problem throughout our almost 20 years together.

I guess this was just an update. Thanks for following along.  I don't know that I have done much lately to live frugally.  Except cut and color my own hair.  Spring break is low key, with some sleep overs, ice cream, and $1.00 frito burritos from Taco Bell.

How is everyone?  What are you up to..any lessons learned?