Monday, April 25, 2016

Ways We Save

Well I am not sure that we have exactly done alot to save money lately.

What we have been doing is visiting alot of community yard sales in search of things we need but I think we also bought alot of things that were not a need but we will definitely use.  I shared a picture of our second weeks haul.  We have been yardsaling for about three weeks.  My son got out to scout for anything good and waved me over if he found anything of interest.  Some of the best deals in this photo were the end tables for the living room for $4.00 each.  DS games for .50 each. My daughter and I got some fancy hats for 3.00 to have a tea party.  There were lot of other fun finds as well.

A different week of yard sales brought me face to face with a church friend.  She later tracked me down because she had purchased two dressers from the sale we were at and she only needed one.  So I paid her for the dresser (which I will share a pic of when i do my bedroom post.)  We took my old dresser which has alot of sentimental meaning and turned it in to a cat bed tower type deal.  We removed every other drawer so the cats can get in and store their toys and supplies in the top drawer.  We may repaint it later.

We watch tv using an antenna, so no cable bill.

When we wanted burgers and fries, I fired up the grill myself.  Didn't have to depend on my husband to do it, and everyone really enjoyed it.

The same friend that I met at the estate sale has been helping me focus on being more intentional in my home, We have been unpacking and organizing.  It has been wonderful, and very freeing.  I hope to share pictures of how each room is coming along soon.

We have been using some of our kids projects to decorate, and alot of our own personal photographs.

 This one was my daughters project. She made it a few months ago.  I got the frame Saturday at a yard sale for .25 added a patch from my grandmas shirt that I have saved for over 10 years since she passed. (the butterfly) and I added bible verses that mean something to both of us from stickers gifted to me.
 This is my son's art he did last year it was chosen for a local display.  I had not framed it. It was getting torn, but in being more intentional and organizing I was able to take care of it and preserve it.  I added this years school picture so it can be on display too!.

What have you been up to.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Life lately

I am very sorry that I have not updated in a while. Things got crazy and I felt pretty bad again for a while.

A month and a half ago we got our own place. I will be sure to include the before we moved in pictures and update you as we settle.

My son just found out he needs braces and we will begin that process Lord willing at the end of this month.

My husband is working hard to provide for us we are hoping to be able to have a little fun this summer and work on building a savings.

Hope everyone is doing well!