Monday, April 10, 2017

Sharing Ways We Save!

I am finally feeling back in the swing of things.

I was very blessed with some savings this week.

The biggest one is that I shopped around for car insurance and found a policy that will save me $354.00 every six months.  I will be going to the agents office tomorrow to start that policy.

I went to Petco to search out pest prevention for my cats and dog.  The items she recommended were 80.00 in store but only $54.99 online.  I only purchased the items for one cat and the dog to see how they work before I buy anymore.  The cashier was nice enough to price match! I also used pet perks and should get some cash back that way.

I saved 20 percent on a haircut at the Smart Style Salon and a Wet brush for my daughter.  (I tried to go to the local cosmetology school but they had a really long wait.)

I made home made deodorant for the first time.  I used it today for the first time.   I don't stink so far though, I have been lazy.

I returned some items and used the credit to purchase more privacy panels for my home.

I opened a new checking account just to get a credit of $25.00, and they offered me free checks which will save me another $20.00 or so.  I am thrilled because I needed to order some, I will just pay my rent from the new account.!

I also sold an item on Offer Up and made $20.00.

The final, involved creativity, as I recently purchased a  larger dining room table from a friend's estate sale.  The fabric on the chairs needed to be redone.  I have been saving some articles of clothing for quite some time hoping to use them for something.  Re-covering the chairs turned out to be what they were to be used for.

This is how they started out. 

This one was covered with an old pair of pj pants that I happened to love the print on.
This was an old t-shirt with PIG PEN from Peanuts on it.  I couldn't throw it away, so glad we could reuse it for something.  I just love the saying on it.  I still have two more to do.

How was your week?  Anything new and exciting.  Thank you all for you tips last week!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy Monday!!!!

So is it a Manic Monday for you?  How was your weekend?

Mine was a little crazy, After not working during spring break due to not having a sitter, I missed some work last week due to developing a health issue that required some medication.  I no longer have insurance, I had to trip to the E.R. where they hydrated me, and pumped me full of some antibiotics.  When i explained I have no insurance, they were kind enough make sure my take home medicine was a free one offered by our local Publix pharmacy.

After all that craziness, I did have to actually work Saturday and they ended up offering me extra hours which I accepted.  Sunday I tried to take a second job and babysit 4 kids, but that almost instantly didn't pan out. I babysat for 14 hrs in what I felt like was an unsanitary, very hot environment.  The guy could use some prayers you all. I know he needs help, but it turns out I am not the super woman he needs for the job. I apparently gave up 14 hrs of my life yesterday, and even paid to feed the guys kids because there was not a way to cook in the house, and it got way too hot.  The kids were super sweet though.  I had to tell him last night that I would be unable to go back.

I think the activities of the weekend, two trips to the zoo for my daughter and babysitting in that hot house may have dehydrated her.  She woke up crying this morning, and not feeling or acting like her normal self.   I was suppossed to work today, but I had to call out due to her needing to stay home.

(How about some Zoo photos for your viewing ing pleasure!)

I am actively looking for a stay at home job at this point.  I am considering taking the leap of trying a monetized blog, maybe selling Lipsense lipstick, or straight looking for some work at home customer service jobs.  I have decided to pray though.  My son brought up the subject of prayer last night.  He felt bad that we couldn't help out the guy the way we thought we could.  He said, "You know we could pray for the guy, Mom."  We both admitted that we have not prayed in a while.  He and I looked at each other and bowed our heads and we prayed for Doug and his boys last night.  I realized this morning that I need to do the same. I don't know how to move forward.  I have some money from tax returns, but I want to use it wisely and not squander it.  I want to invest it or save it for a rainy day.

(Here are some pics of my daughter and I wearing the Lipsense lipstick. It is a long wear, does not wipe off lipstick.  I chose the color Brick.)

I am happy to report and awesome score.  My son is very much into Apple technology.  I am not willing to pay the prices the company would like for that technology.  My son recently was recognized for having the highest reading level at his school.  He is a 5th grader reading on an 11th grade level!  My very good friend in Delaware offered me a deal on her daughter's Ipad 2.  I only had to pay her 30.00 and that is to include shipping.  I told her I would happily pay her the 30.00 plus shipping but she refused.  My son will be so excited, and I wanted to reward him for his academic achievement.

That is probably the extent of my money saving efforts, other than eating all the left overs.  I ate tacos just now.  We have worked hard to keep food waste to a minimum.  We went to the grocery store the other night and spent 200.00 on nothing.

My frugal fails for the week.  I found out my daughter does not like school lunches.  In her stories about her day over the last few weeks, I noticed they involved her and her friends always playing with their food.  She is always starving when she comes home.  It turns out alot of the kids do not like school lunches. I am now packing lunches, so that she will eat.  We qualify for free school lunch.  If the food is gross though, it does not help.

Invested in a lawn mower.   I got to clean this yard up, it was bought new.  Lately I feel like I can't trust strangers when purchasing used items.

Got any good leads on ways to make money at home?  Yes I have read the Penny Hoarder blog.  I currently do Inbox dollars, and Swagbucks.  I also use Ibotta, but when I refer people I don't seem to get the promised bonuses.  I  could use any other tips.  I am determined to rise.

Love to you all.. Drop me a comment, let me know what's going on in your neck of the woods!