Monday, February 19, 2018

Life Lately

It has been crazy per my usual. As you all know I work full time now outside the house. I am so sorry I have not provided you with an update since the hurricane. A lot has happened since then. My little girl turned 7.

Christmas came and went.

We are now into the second month of the new year.

My budget is as tight as it always was. My daughter is struggling very hard to master reading and math in first grade and I struggle to help her with it so that is something that I am trying to take to God In Prayer.

Recently I have to say I've been working very hard on the house finishing the decluttering mission and just trying to get life in order. I had a very dark time a couple weeks ago I actually had to go to my doctor and get some help. Circumstances have changed a little and I have a very good male friend that is helping me out with the children as often as he is able to. My ex offers support and he was doing pretty good for a couple of months but this month he's falling behind a little but God is good I've been working over 50 hours a week. Why all the overtime is good I really do need some time for mental health so I'm glad that the work hours are about to slow down a little.

A few months ago I got a new to me car I am not one to Advocate a car payment but I do presently have one. I hope very soon to start making enough money to pay extra so that I don't have to pay the full term of the loan at least.

I officially became a sentence distributor back in November. If you're interested in joining my group in learning more about the product I'd be happy to have you.

I promise to begin posting more regularly and to give you some insights to some homemade projects we've been doing. Honestly with work I haven't had time to be homemade I did not give a single solitary homemade gift for Christmas I did not make one single project I am ashamed to say that everything was commercial this year. However I have come to realize that being creative is a form of therapy for me. And I have been very depressed over the last few weeks but my circumstances are beginning to change. I feel like the medication that the doctor gave me helps. So if you're ever struggling with something don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help and if the first person you asked ignores you ask somebody else don't stop until you get the help you need. I hope you all are well I look forward to sharing more with you in the upcoming days.