Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sharing Ways We Save

We scored some deals and steals at local yard sales.

My husband got three, suits for 3.00 each and they fit him great.

I got some picture frames (i decorate my house mostly with family pictures instead of department store decor)  I got some nice ones for really cheap.

The kids got some Paper Jams guitars for .50 that was nice. we can rock out

We cleaned up and unpacked a few boxes, and I found a cute fall wreath to hang on the porch (didn't know i had it)

I also found a pair of eye glasses that were mine but I could not wear them because they were bent out of shape....I figured what the hay, and gave em a good bend, they were already unusable right?.  I bent them back in to shape amazingly.  So now I have a practically brand new pair of glasses to wear...I tossed the old ones that kept falling off my face.

 On Saturday night, though it is not my birthday yet, we went to my favorite place, TEXAS ROADHOUSE  to celebrate (love the steak dinner that is 9.99)  and Auntie L had given me two free kids meal tokens, and I had a free appetizer coupon (as a birthday gift from the restaurants email program)  We received  18.00 off the bill.

I was also given two Walmart Gift cards, one to replace my broken bowls and the other just because, and I used it to buy the turkey loaf for Thanksgiving dinner, as well as toilet paper, and a couple other household items.

I recieved a free sample of Gevalia coffe in the mail from Pinch Me.  Apparently you can register to get free samples of different items approximately every two weeks.  You get the item try.  You go back to Pinch Me and leave a review.  Here is the link I used

I received 20.00 for dog sitting for Auntie L over the past weekend. 

We also tried to combine errands as much as possible. 

Frugal Flop:

My husband backed over my apple tree by accident with his work truck and trailer.  You can't tell from the picture, but two of the branches got wrapped around the wheel well.  We are going to attempt to plant it in the front yard and see what happens.  It is not quite a year old yet.  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life Unscripted.

Today is Tuesday 11/25/14 at 1:30 I am eating Spaghettio's and my two kids are having ramen noodles for lunch.  Our outside dog was neutered yesterday and seems to be doing well, but we have him crated in the shed to promote healing so he can't play with the other dogs etc.  My son has just come in from walking him for me.

I am reflecting on this mornings events.  Wondering what is in store the next couple of days.    Sometimes wishing I had a screenplay to read to know how the next couple days will go.  I was up earlier then I planned to be since the kids don't have school this week, but I though what the heck, I will get some yard work done.  So i went out picked up some trash, took care of the puppy in the shed, and fed my other dogs.  I then scraped out some trash from under the decks and tried to fill in some holes under them.

I decide to take a break.  There is some figthting between my nephew and his wife over transportation to her doctor's appointment, but after his wife started yelling and slamming doors last night, I told her husbad that I will no longer lend her my car she can't throw a temper tantrum one minute and ask me to help her the next.  Beyond that she does not have a valid driver's license, and my husband for this reason does not want her driving my car anymore (and there have been a couple times I have let her do it anyway knowing he did not want her to.)  I also do not have the gas for her to use the car, and I am unsure what their financial situation is, as my nephew has not offered rent yet, or the car insurance for his vehicle.  (my other mistake titling their vehicle to me and tagging it (they paid for it though) so that they could have a legal vehicle.) 

I stayed to myself while inside the house, because I could tell my nephew's wife was upset.  My husband calls to talk to me about the tough morning he had.  I hear a crash and somehow the dish drainer ended up on the floor while my nephew's wife was doing dishes.  I noticed the new bowls I got from my son's fundraiser were among broken items.  I was a little disappointed because my husband suggested I not put them out in the cupboard he was afraid they would get broken.  I felt silly though keeping bowls in my bedroom so I did put them out for household use. She was then yelling at her daughter to get the broom, I asked her to not yell at her daughter, that I left the broom outside so there was no way the little girl could know where to look for it at.  She then became upset because I asked her not to yell at her daughter, I guess she felt I was interfering with her parenting....(my bad) again my good intentions instead leave a path of destruction.  I told her I was just tired of the yelling, that there has been yelling in the house since Saturday.

 My nephew leaves and eventually returns from some appointment he had this morning.  He and his wife were talking about Thanksgiving, originally we had all talked about going to a local restaurant that is hosting a free buffet style meal, and we thought that will be great so no one person has to do everything to prepare a meal for that day.  At first my husband agreed.  Lately though, he has been feeling like he doesn't really want to go anywhere for Thanksgiving, unless it was Pizza Hut or something.....I don't have the money for that.  I misunderstood my nephew's wife, I thought they had said they wanted to decide what to do that they were thinking of doing something aside from what we were doing.  I suggested that they should probably just do something seperate.  My husband kind of doesn't want to go out he thinks the lines will be too long.  There has been alot of tension in the house so maybe we should just do our own thing meal wise.  My nephew's wife then got pretty upset saying that now they had to do something else for Thanksgiving because they weren't welcome here.  I told her that is not what i said.  I never said they couldn't be here.  She was yelling, I yelled back, saying I was tired of the attitude (they have seriously been fighting since Saturday. On Saturday they woke up the whole house at 6am because of their fighting.)  She stomped in and sat two boxes at my feet and says here, here is your birthday gift since we can't spend the day with you.....I told her if it was being given in that spirit I did not want them, she yelled that it was done in love, and I simply said that with her yelling and what not it doesn't sound like it.  After that, the fighting and yelling was just between my nephew and his wife.  Eventually they all left.  She said something about going to a homeless shelter, but I am unsure if she really will, because she left all her pets and most of her things here. 

I told my nephew that my intentions were not to start a fight, just that I simply know my husband's heart desires at this point, I didn't want what we wanted or did not want to do to deter them from doing something nice as a family.  My husband just honestly wants me to go get a Jenni-O turkey loaf from Walmart.  Simple I know....not acceptable to some as a holiday meal, but that is what he wants now.  (we live them)

The house is functional now though, (that is what sparked sunday's fight I guess)  something about my nephew wanting his family to get up and help somehow sparked a blow out I think.  House looks alot better though.  My husband even helped with our room.  While it is not perfect, it is just lived in...not destroyed or anything.  I like "Lived in"  I no longer want perfection.  Just decent functionality.

I want this to be over though, I wish I could make them leave, but in the state of Florida if someone receives mail at your address, even though they are not on your lease, even though someone else owns the property, you cannot ask them to leave, you have to file an official eviction.  (we looked into this the last time we had our huge fight)   Don't get me wrong I love my nephew but I wish we all did not live together.  We have all said and done things now that may not be able to be undone.  So before you let someone stay with you, whether you have good intentions or not, know what the rules are in your state, I will never take in anyone else again.  It does not work for our family.  I guess you also have to make sure you are not just enabling someone to continute in destructive behavior too.  I know reading this our arguments are petty.  We sound like a bunch of high school kids......oh well I .........

Friday, November 21, 2014

Life Unscripted-----Everyone makes mistakes!

Tonight, I just don't know what to say about life being unscripted.  I feel like I was in a bad episode of reality tv.  I say again who needs drama from reality tv, it seems to just occur naturally in my life.

We are having some water pressure issues with our rental, and chances are that my landlord may have to come out.  Problem is with extended family here that is difficult....the yard needs to be cleaned up...their tent that they moved out of needs to be taken down, and we have alot more animals on property then we are suppossed to.

  I have been working on my bedroom the past 2 to 3 weeks seemingly only making things worse. I had to clean out my kids play room so that extended family could move inside which meant i still had a few unpacked boxes from our move in August that had not been touched. Anyway as we we arranged things more got dumped in my bedroom and it was made worse.
The first pictures shows sort of how it started, but i had made a few improvements like hanging some pictures and putting my husbands banner over the bed trying to make him his own haven while we have 11 people in the house instead of the usual 4 i wanted him to feel like he had a space of his own. I also hooked up the wii in our bedroom and made my son a quiet place he could read since he now shares his bedroom with 4 other kids...including his sister.....

This morning I did make our bed and put our electric blanket on. I folded two loads of laundry and put clean clothes away.  Everything that hasn't had a home has found a way into my room. The problem is extra bodies are occupying spaces that other things may normally go. I had an issue before with cleaning too and de-cluttering so they are not the only reason for the problem if I am being honest. So far I do have two very large contractor bags to go out to be donated and lots of trash has been thrown out I am sure. 

 I do not have an end of the day picture to post to show what I got done because my husband is already in bed warming under the blanket nursing a headache.  My nephew's wife made a nice chicken dinner, and they have gone out for the evening.  My room is not quite done, but it must be 3/4 of the way motivation switch has suddenly flipped, I want to get the house clean and I want it to stay that way.  There is still alot of work to be done. If the landlord has to come out I really want him to be happy that he chose us....know what I mean?  I don't want to still be making the same mistakes I was making when I started this blog.

So in the spirit of being a real person I want to continue sharing my day with you though it will be hard.  It was a tough day in the middle of cleaning my room i was cursing and shouting feeling like I hated everything because I was trying to make some window coverings and it was just not working.  I wondered why God gave me charge to keep a home, but when I try to complete a project I feel like anything I try to create fails.  (that is another issue for a different day)  I gave up on the window coverings and hung up some blankets to the windows trying to keep the draft out (our room always feels colder then other parts of the house in the evenings which isn't a good thing in winter. )  I proceeded to ask my husband in a phone coversation if I could just buy curtains from walmart or some place like that as my Christmas gift for our room, that I am tired of trying to thrift to find just the right thing.  He seemed to agree, and my curtain rod fell down, so he promised to eventually help me find a way to make it stay.

After dinner, I needed to go let out my bestie's dog because they are away on a tini tiny family vaca in orlando.  I was excited to get a moment to myself, hubby was keeping the kids, and simply asked that I pick up some ice cream on the way home.  I was leaving and grabbed my little yorkie from the yard and took him for the ride to visit with the other dog.  I have not spent alot of time with my little buddy in a while given all the circumstances.  I was headed to Auni L's place, and I must have been lost in thought...(I WAS NOT ON MY CELL PHONE AT THE TIME!)

When i went to turn into the development where Aunti L lives, I must have been lost in thought, and I cut someone off, I didn't notice until after I had turned in and hear someone stopping abrubtly.  Now i stopped after I turned in because I really don't know exactly what happened, but I obviously cut the guy off, but no one got hurt,and I thought the vehicle kept I went on about my task.  A minute or so passes and the lights of a very large SUV are on my bumper, I turn, and the vehicle turns I decide not to go to my friend house.  I take alot of side turns to see if the vehicle is following me.....and IT at this point I am nervous, and I do find my cell phone....I call my husband to explain what happened and ask his advice....he says if you see a cop, pull up to it...etc, but either way come I try to, and the vehicle is following me.....we get to a stop light and we are finally different lanes, I still have my husband on the line in case something goes wrong he could at least call 911...A guy is knocking on my window telling me to roll it down.  It is pitch black and we are a stop light, and I know I am at fault but I refuse to roll my window down.  The guy begins to sware at me etc, telling me how I almost killed everyone etc, and I must have been on my cell phone not paying attention.  I try to tell him that is not what happened and I try to apologize, but his anger is so big he just keeps cussing me through my window.  Thankfully he got back in his SUV and went on his way.....I feel terrible...I tried to tell the guy that everyone makes mistakes...and I was sorry....but in his anger he couldn't hear me.  I take a moment as I continue from the stop light, I wonder why God made me in such a way that I feel like now matter how big my pile of "good intentions " is that I feel more like a hurricane that always leaves a path of destruction behind.  I also thank God that no one was hurt.   I ask HIM to help me be a more alert driver, because I don't know where my head was, and I pray that the other driver will be able to forgive me.  I also hope that the next time I am angry with someone that I can give them the mercy that the gentleman was unable to extend to me.  So I want to store this event in my memory bank and to try and remember not to be a screaming tyrant the next time I am involved in an unexpected incident with someone i may or may not know.

I wish I had been like Wylie Cyote from Looney Tunes and had a sign stash I could have used to say "I am sorry."

I know this was long, if you read all of it, thank you for stopping by.  I texted Aunti L about what happened, and I do accept full responsibility for the incident.  She says we should write a book about our tribulations.   The things we feel like we experience.  It's 9:32 now...we have had Frosty's from Wendy's, I have tucked all the dogs that I am able to in the shed.  My room is not quite done, but completion will have to wait until a different day.  Tomorrow my husband has the day off, who knows what it will hold.  We all make mistakes at times and need a little.........

Have a good night, I am thankful that tomorrow brings a new dawn!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sharing Ways We Save

It was in like the 20's here in Florida when we woke up this morning.  So needless to say we are all freezing....We did what we could though, put animals in crates in sheds together with sheets and blankets...hung a tarp up to the chicken pen to try and block out the wind. We also wrapped pipes in towels and left faucets running at a drip. My nephew and his wife moved out of the tent and into our third play/  bedroom.  So the house is absolutely full now.

Do you do special things to prepare for winter?

I am going to share the things we did to save money over the last two weeks.  I have been lagging behind but Sunday's are our family days so I might move sharing how we save to Wednesdays.  The house is quieter when everyone is in school or working.

We noticed our neighbor had a wooden table out by his trash pile, so we went over and asked if we could have it...he said yes that he even had four chairs in his back yard to go with it.  So now instead of a borrowed card table we have a real wooden table is very nice and it was very free!!!!   (i sold our last table in our small apartment trying to make the space liveable etc.)

My nephew's wife and I went yardsaling and found a few very inexpensive items, some that we can each tuck back as Christmas gifts for our kiddos.  I think between the two of us we spent maybe 8.00.

We accepted some second hand clothing, got a little bit for everyone I think.  My husband got some turtlenecks to keep warm while working in this change of weather.  We got a few free toys and christmas decorations as well as books from a local clothes closet that was giving these things away.

The church where we go to get the bread baskets on Saturdays has a little thrift store where you pay a dollar per bag and i got a Vick's warm steam vaporizer for $1.00 along with some curtains that i am going to try to make a pair out of for my bedroom.

On facebook a lady was advertising her grooming business and was giving new clients a $10.00 special for her services, so i got my yorkie groomed for 10.00 plus tip instead of $48.00.  Aunti L took her dog too, so we carpooled to get there, and it was major savings for us both!

I shared in a Life Unscripted post that my son has alot of allergies, and the doctor perscribed him an epi pen.  Well even with insurance the co pay for the item was $141.00. My husband and I were trying to decide how to pay for it. The pen sat at the pharmacy for a couple days.  The pharmacy technician called to see if we wanted it.  I told her I wasn't sure how I was going to pay the co pay yet because it seemed very high, she suggested we contact our physician to see if they had a discount card.  The physician's office did not, however I Googled it online and found a card that you could download and it would cover $100.00 of the copay.  My son was prescribed Epi Pen Jr.  The company that makes it, Mylan had a discount card. I downloaded onto my so called smartphone, and I only paid $41.00.  I thanked the technician for the tidbit of info because I would have never thought to look for a discount card.

I also when I took my daughter in for her appointment talked to the physician about one of my son's other medications that is $75.00 each time a fill is needed, I asked her if there was a cheaper alternative, she said there could possibly be, but if the medicine is working for him that she did not want to change it.  I told her that was fine we would pay for it as needed, but she agreed the copay was high and suggested that she give me another sample, and said she could either try to give me a sample each time we needed it or at least every other time we needed it.  I was so excited.

I have learned now three things about saving on medical expenses.  It is good to see if the physician has samples for medications, as well as to be honest with the doctor about expenses to discuss if there is a less expensive alternative.  I have also learned that some offices will not charge you for a second visit both visits are about the same illness.  The last thing is to ask about prescription savings card for any medicines you might be prescribed.   It never hurts to ask!

We went out on Sunday for breakfast with my nephew and his wife, and we got our bill from 44.00 to 36.00 with coupons from the Red Plum paper that comes in the mail. 

My nephews wife also found out that there is a program called No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville, and they have a grant for spaying or neutering animals in our zip code at no cost.  Two of their dogs and one cat are getting done and I will two weeks later be taking my two male dogs that have not been done.  For me personally I am using also their free shuttle service because the drive to the locations where surgery will be done is a long drive.

I misplaced my list, the house is totally destroyed right now, but that is all I can think of.  How was your week.  Everything you do is important, whether they are big or small and go noticed or not it all adds up.

Oh and I almost forgot.  Today is Wednesday and I will be linking up with

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Life Unscripted

Today at the start of the day some of our dogs tried to follow my newphews girls to school and they were worried about the dogs getting back home so they missed the bus, so I just piled the girls and my kids in my car and dropped them off at each school.

Came home to give my daughter some breakfast, she picked out some donut holes off the cabinet in the kitchen and kool aid.  Then I thawed out a cheese bagel in the microwave and toasted it in the toaster and topped it with cheese and melted it in the microwave.

I checked financial things, my nephew came in and made some breakfast so I put a slice of cooked SPAM on my bagel...oh yum!  I also tried to look at pinterest for some in expensive gift ideas, or no cost gift ideas for Christmas, and also checked the Lowe's and Home Depot kid workshops to see what is coming up for gift or activity ideas.

My daughter had a doctor's appointment at 10:30.  It was her four year old check up.  Do you know what happens at those?  The kids get shots....and oh boy.  At first the new pediatrician did great with warming up to my daughter...they were laughing and what not.  When it came time for shots, my daughter was screaming panicking before they ever got started.  She was screaming that it hurt and oweeee when the nurse was just wiping her down with alcohol.  It was really hard for me because I ended up going over to help hold her down but to have my body close to her too like I was hugging her.....I hated it...she was screaming like it was torture....she just really didn't like it.  I hope I never have to do it again.... Maybe dad can do it next time. 

We picked up Aunti L and went to Dunkin Donuts where the princess got a "survival" sweet raspberry tea and 4 chocolate glazed donut holes.  We then had to get Mr. Cuddles, and take him back to the vet because he has not been getting any better.  The vet did agree to see him for a recheck with no office visit fee.  We got to the vet to realize they didn't open from lunch until 2 though, so we sat in the car and parking lot for an hour, but we were second on the list, so when they did open we got seen quickly.  Hopefully a stronger antibiotic will bring healing to the kitty.  My princess wanted to be cuddled and held, but I had two more errands to run.  This morning while feeding her iguana I made a mistake and forgot to take the heating lamp off the top of the cage before I lifted the lid, and busted her heating light.  Thus, I needed to go to Home Depot for a Philips Agro Gro light. Apparently these lights give off both uv light and heat.  So in the long run it's a money saver.  One bulb will do what used to have to be done with two different much more expensive bulbs.

Our last stop took us to Winn Dixie where we picked up tater tots to go with our chili dog dinner.  I also looked at some of the pasta's and bread etc that are allergen free and got prices.  All I can say is I might spring for the pasta because I don't know how to make pasta, but mama is going to learn how to make rice flour and bread that my son can eat at home.  Not paying 7.00 for not even a whole pound of bread.We have been working to cut out allergens from our meals, but we have not been able to achieve it all over night.

My husband got home early, and my nephew left with his family for a bit so we gave our kids allergy free snacks....turned on a movie for them, and locked our door to spend some time to ourselves.  

Now it is time for dinner and the rest of this day in my life is still to be written.

What did you do today.  Did you have unexpected things to deal with?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Celebration

On Sunday my princess turned 4.  We did have a little birthday celebration with my nephew and his family here at the house, and later our old neighbor from our leaky apartment came over with her kids to see my daughter too.

We started the day with breakfast at Steak N Shake (that is our favorite place, we love the burgers and put cheese on our fries, and it's one place you can go and have ice cream with your breakfast!)

We later went to church and before we left everyone sang happy birthday to the princess.  For dinner my nephew brought home three very big marketside pizza's from Walmart in different varieties and we baked those and ate them.

She openened her gifts

The gifts from her dad and I were a Tinkerbell bath set, and some lady bug dress up items (i got them off of a local facebook yard sale type site spent 5.00 total)

and she had also asked for her own lizard....both her brother and I have our own lizards and she came to me one day and said she would give up princess dresses and barbies for her own baby lizard. 

With that Minnie

(no staged pictures get water spots and  This is the item my nephew found on craigslist that I talked about a couple weeks ago.  We got the whole set up for 40.00, instead of just paying 40.00 for the animal. )  Now we are going to look into planting a garden this spring, and growing some of the foods that our lizards can eat.  Eventually of course Minnie will need a much bigger habitat, but we are looking at possibly building one ourselves. 

My baby girl also got an Anna doll (from Frozen), and la la loopsy doll,  a frozen themed pillow and cup for her birthday along with two tinkerbell books.  Her favorite item I think is the Anna doll.  She was definitely handing out big hugs and thank you's to everyone.

 We sang happy birthday and served an Oreo ice cream cake, and watched the movie Maleficent (rented from Redbox) that evening.  Over all I believe she had a really nice day. 

Did you celebrate anything special this week?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life Unscripted

It is Thursday and by the end of the day it has been a tough emotional day I guess.  The day felt promising in the beginning, I took the kids for a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for some Munchkins as a treat, and I dropped my son off to school, and headed to the vet.  We go to a local clinic that does not take appointments, you have to wait your turn to be seen, but the prices are much more affordable then a vet that takes appointments.

We waited for maybe two hours which really wasn't that bad, I have waited longer.  When you have kids in tow though, I learned you must have snacks and drink.  I was prepared today.  (there were times when we went over the summer for the little dog's broken leg that i was unprepared.)  I only had my three year old with me though, and we survived.  We took the kitten and the little dog Chewy...he has had some issues, turns out he has a hookworm infection.  It has caused him some health issues.  Well let's hope that the treatment makes him better.  Anyway all poo has to be cleaned out of the yard every day.....the overwhelming part is with extended family there is a total of six dogs on property.  I just let my dogs out to go potty do who knows where they go.  So preventing any further infestations may prove challenging...we don't know if any other dogs have it etc.  (It would be cheaper not to have pets....i know...)  I did some reading on hookworms it's gross. 

I had to comb through my daughters hair again for head lice.  I give up just going to dry blankets and pick hair every day.....and my son came home early with a stomach ache.  We talked over some recent health issues he had at a 3:30 doctor's appt , and his bloodwork came back and the poor kid is allergic to alot....ALOT.  He has lost some isn't happy about that....and he can no longer have peanuts, wheat, corn, or soy.  There was a big list of environmental things it is time for me to do research.  We are going to start by modeling a gluten free diet....that was the doctor's suggestion.  My nine year old can only see all the stuff he can't have right now though.  I told him we would get through it and change together. That we would pray and ask God to show us things he might like. He just is upset right now, and said he doesn't want to watch other kids eat what he can' i have just asked him to help me pick out some new things to try and to keep an open mind.

At the close of my evening when i came home, my husband was upset....he has been struggling with the price of our electric, and there is a financial disagreement between us and extended family.  It turned into a fight, and my nephews wife went walking somewhere with her five kids.  I guess the two men can't reach an agreement, I have said I am not involved, that my husband needs to get this issue off his chest, because it is what burdens him the most.  I can't say exactly what details have unfolded or what the resolution will be.  My nephew feels that he pays enough each week and puts some food in the house and that should be enough, and my husband feels it is not enough.  There is just no agreeing.  I don't know what that means. 

Ah well I am off to burn some pillows in the dryer and hopefully kill any lice eggs that could be lurking.....hope you all are having a great week.  I know all of this is treatable, I just have a complex where I wish I could make everyone happy and fix everything for everyone which makes things emotionally overwhelming.....oh yeah i took care of dinner, my husband was trying to help me and it got dropped all over the ground and got dirt in it.....he wasn't happy....tough day all around is what we care going to call it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sharing ways we save

* This week I got my daughter's antibiotics for free from a grocery store called Publix.  If you have one in your area they offer certain medications for free whether or not you have insurance.  Some oral antibiotics are free there, and I recently discovered that the metformin I take for diabetes will be free to fill there.

* I combined as many errands as possible to keep gas usage low.

* The household made laundry detergent (I still think our extended family is not cool with using just one to two tablespoons of it yet.)  It disappears a lot faster then it does when we use it so I assume more is being used.

* Purchased a new litter box ( I love the Tidy Cats Breeze system) and found a 7.00 off of one coupon online.  I ordered it online through Petsmart and got free shipping (saved gas didn't have to drive to pick it up, I can wait a day or two for delivery ;) )  It was also 8.00 cheaper at Petsmart then it was anywhere else.

* We participated in a trunk or treat and fall festival at a local church....costumes were made from things we already had on hand

It is hard to see but my son wore torn and tattered clothing and carried a can that read "will work 4 candy"  My photo editor seems to be down so I can't make the picture better.

My baby girl dressed up as a witch and we made the outfit from things she already had.  This was our favorite trunk because I love the sign that reads "Don't let your heart be frozen, let Jesus in."

In the kitchen I have been making homemade dumplings.  I still don't like cooking because it makes a mess and I really don't enjoy cleaning, but I am learning. 

I participated in the weekly bread basket giveaway at a local church.

I cut my son's hair....shaved his head....I found head lice in his hair after round two of an outbreak in other kids in the house.  (it's getting old.)  and because of what they are it makes you feel like you must be dirty no one wants to touch them...etc....i hope the epidemic is over........

Not related to savings......

Let me tell you where we went today.....we went back to church!!!!!!!  My husband finally gave in to the desire he had been feeling to go back, and we went.  It was so good to go back.  We attend a local Calvary Chapel.  We choose to attend this particular church because they love like Jesus, take you as you are, and they absolutely are a Bible teaching church.  We love the fellowship there.  What an answered prayer that my husband finally wanted to go back! 

That is all I can think of.  Sadly this week we had a cold front this weekend and turned the heat on for a night or two.

Grandma Joan passed away earlier this week.  A week or two ago I shared about two women in our lives fighting cancer.  Joan was Aunti L (my best friends) mother.  She did give her life to Jesus a few days before she passed, so that does bring her daughter some comfort, but the grieving process won't be easy for her as she adjusts to life without her mom and her kids to life without their grandma. 

Hope everyone had a great week!!!!