Monday, October 28, 2013

A Fall Treat Idea

I am not as in to decorating for the season etc as some, but we did come up with a treat for my son's class mates and one for his teacher to celebrate fall and give them a treat in light of the upcoming Halloween celebration.

Here is what we used for the class treats

what you see pictured here are some Utz pretzel wheels, some treat bags with witches on them, some wax paper, some ribbon, a bag of Hershey's milk chocolate chips, and some fall colored sprinkles along with a bowl for melting our chocolate chips in.  I also had a pair of tongs to get the pretzels out of the chocolate in hopes of not covering ourselves with chocolate. 

We emptied about half the bag of chocolate chips into our bowl, and I have a 700 watt microwave and heated up the chocolate chips for two minutes and then I was able to stir them into melted chocolate.  We then put our pretzels in.  We covered some completely with chocolate, and some only half in chocolate.  There really is no right or wrong way to do this. 

While the chocolate was still wet on the pretzels we sprinkled on our sprinkles.  We let them sit until the chocolate dried hard.  (I didn't time this part we just did some other family bonding while we waited) 

My son then bagged the pretzels in our witch treat bags.  We put about 8 pretzels in the bag to attempt to keep this a healthy snack (sort of) for his class.  We tied up the bags with the orange ribbon, and the little papers tucked in the ribbons are coupons for a free Jr. Frosty (one for each kid) at our local Wendy's restaurant.  (This time every year Wendy's sells a coupons book of 10 Jr Frosty coupons for 1.00 as a fundraiser for the Dave Thomas adoption foundation.)  So I bought two books.  It's a really inexpensive way to give someone a treat.

 There may have been an easier way to do this, but 20 kids are going to know today that they were thought of.  That makes the time and effort well worth it to me.  The pretzels were 2.50 the chocolate chips about 2.68 and I used most of the bag of each one, but there was a little left for us to snack on too.  The witch bags I found at a thrift store unopened for .50.  The ribbon I already had.  The sprinkles were 1.50, and the Frosty's coupons were 10 for 1.00.  I purchased 2 books.  I spent a little under 9.00 to let my Prince's class mates know they were thought of.  If you are a savvy shopper or a couponer, I bet you could make something like this to brighten someone's day for even less.

For his teacher we made a fall gift of Pumkin Spice Sugar Scrub.  I can't take credit for the idea, I got the recipe from another blog.

I couldn't get her labels to print though so here was our end result

 Our packaging for this was a recycled Pure Leaf tea bottle, I just cut the label off (of course the bottle has been completely washed with hot soapy water etc.)  This recipe filled the 18.5 oz bottle 3/4 of the way full.  We put ribbon around the top.  If I could do it over, I would design a better label.  But we didn't do bad in a pinch. 

Hope you enjoyed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love your idea for treat bags. I want to make homemade treats for the kids in my class this year instead of candy. I will have to do it tomorrow, so if it doesn't pan out, then I guess I'll be running and buying candy last minute. My plan is rice krispie treats with Halloween sprinkles. I have only recently become a real fan of making these. When my own kids were little, I think I thought they were to messy to make. Guess I'm a little more patient now, or maybe I learned the trick of putting butter on my hands to spread them out and then the marshmellow goo doesn't stick. Your pretzels looked yummy and I'm sure your son's classmates will love them.

    I don't decorate a whole bunch for Halloween. I did an outdoor display with a cornshock, pumpkins, mums, etc. I included two bales of straw that my "grand-dogs" (dogs my children left behind when they moved to their own houses) must think makes the perfect bed for them. They have wallowed it out on my front porch. You can't see it from the road, but when I go out the front door, there's the mess. I'm trying to figure the best way to gather it back up.

    I hope you and your children have a wonderful time trick or treating and partying. By the way, where is your Tips and Tricks Tuesday for the last couple weeks?? Take care and have a good week.

  2. I love rice krispy treats, i am sure the kids will love them, I will have to remember the butter trick. His classmates did love the treats. Your decorations sound lovely, I didn't do anything outdoors, i think mums are so pretty but I have never ever bought any. Apparently your dogs really like the decor kids will be going out with our close family friend Thursday night to a local trunk or treat. Hubs and I are taking a motorcycle certification class so we can both be officially licensed. It stinks that it is on this specific night...this thursday night, and saturday and sunday all day for a total of 15 hours. Hubs was invited to join a ministry and we figured if we were both licensed either of us could attend an event. We will have a fall night out with the church as a family that we hardly get to make it to anymore on Saturday night. You are right I have slacked on the tips and tricks Tuesday...last week i just didnt do it, but i did weigh myself. I will do the post and link shortly...thanks for the nudge I needed it!