Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sharing Ways We Save on Sunday

Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?"
                                                          Matthew 6:25

 Well we have been in Florida for two weeks now...and our family of four combined with another family of four and we have become the Crazy Eight living under one roof!
 I wanted to share some of the things we have done to save money this week.  It is mostly the normal things.

*My son needed shoes and I found two pair at the Goodwill and paid a total of 8.00 for both pair.

*We also went to a few other thrift stores to find pants for my husband to wear as part of his uniform for work.  (he found part time employment with a Uhaul here in Florida and I think that was pretty good for only being here a week and finding something.)

*We made dumplings from scratch.

* Attended Calvary Kids club at our church and had free pizza for dinner Wednesday night

*We did a Fun Run which I will share more about on Tuesday and we were treated to free bananas and mini bagels when it was over

I think that is about it....what did you do to be a good steward this week.

***Oh and the biggest highlight of my weeks I forgot to share...the Princess is potty trained...we have been about a month with no accidents not even with the move and during our no more Pull Ups..she doesn't even wet herself at night!!!!


  1. Congrats to your princess! (and your hubby - that's fantastic)!

  2. That's great about the potty training! I am new to your blog but have been enjoying it. I was a lot more frugal this week, but I know there are always more things I could be doing. Here's what I accomplished last week:
    • Turned down the heat to 65 degrees to give the heater a break, seems that cold snap was wearing it down
    •Received $10 off of $50 purchase at Office Max to stock up on ink
    •Saved $10 by purchasing a package of 2 water filters instead of buying them individually
    •Spent $3 at Albertsons and got 3 boxes of Cheerios and a gallon of milk
    •Made a meal plan
    •Washed out baggies and inserts from cereal box
    •My hubby was reimbursed $80 for an out of town appointment
    •Saved $9.98 using coupons

  3. Hi Ms. is good to hear from you hope you are doing well. Cheryl Z welcome, and thank you for sharing...that Albertson's deal sounds awesome!!!! I don't know if we have any of those in this area. I am afraid to wash out baggies, afraid i won't do it I have never done it!

  4. Its so great to see you posting again. Glad your hubby got a job so quickly, and things are going well for you. Hopefully in Florida you have missed the low temps we had here last week in Ky. in the single digits. Although I saw some flooding in Florida on the news and hoped that wasn't near you.

    The heat has not really been my frugal point the last couple weeks, but I have tried to be frugal in other ways to offset it.
    * Cooked most meals at home
    * Had a date night. Spent it going to Goodwill (can you believe?) Hubby found couple things. Went to the restaurant he chose, split an entrée with him and still had oodles of food, to much actually.
    * I got a dress for my son's wedding at a upscale Consignment Boutique for $25. It fit perfectly, perfect color and just what I wanted! What a blessing that was.
    * Made our budget out for the new year.
    * Tried a new recipe in a cookbook that I already had with food I had on hand.
    *Saved over $20 of my weekly grocery/household supply budget
    *Being more diligent in my exercise routine. This may not be exactly frugal, but in the long run will keep my from buying larger clothes. LOL. It also makes me feel better.
    That's about all I can think of now. Wishing you a great week.

  5. Hi Ms. looks like you had a great week. Congratulations on finding the perfect dress for your Son's wedding.....And congrats to your son for getting married, That is awesome you made a new budget for the new year. I am not that far into things yet, but with all the changes it is to be expected. How awesome that you are keeping up with you exercise routine. I need to get back into was put off with the move, and now there is illness running through the family. Thank you for sharing your week. I love to hear from you!!!!

  6. So happy your husband found a job so quickly!

  7. Yay for potty training. I trained my son last week. No night accidents yet. I talk about it here: