Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sharing ways we save

Surprisingly, I am making this post on time this week...despite the challenges that existed.

I want to thank everyone for their advice and support regarding the situation we have been experiencing with our landlord regarding our leaking/flooding issues.  We have experienced a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts during this issue, and have been weighing lots of different options to resolve the situation.  Temporarily we have a resolution for the moment, but not a permanent fix.  The original slab leak we had has been fixed, but the secondary leak has not.  However it doesn't seem to be leaking if we don't use the water in our guest/kids bathroom.  We have agreed not to use that bathroom, and she has agreed in a rent reduction for the moment.  The flooring has been replaced, we have put finding another place on hold and are extending the landlord some more time to completely resolve the matter and make all necessary repairs to our home.  This brings peace to the house for at least the next 4 weeks.  Very thankfully just a few days before our initial flooding event I had changed our renters insurance from Delaware to Florida, so we have put in a claim for our damaged items.

That starts my list of savings this week.  It isn't really anything I did but we saved $300.00 on our rent this month, and put it towards a bill my husband owes. 

I was blessed to recieve a box of food that contained bread, donuts, 2 pds of hamburger, and some veggies and lasagna noodles.  I also recieved a walmart bag full of canned applesauce from neighbors.

I saved gas since it was spring break this week and I did not have to drive my son to school this week.  I still have half a tank of gas...woohoo!

I met my first fastbreak goal at the ymca and will recieve 8.00 off my membership fee this coming month.

I went to the goodwill, and found 5 pairs of pants for my son, a vcr, a dress for my daughter, and new sheets and bedspread for me, and paid less for all of that then what I would have paid for a new comforter set at Walmart ( i had really toyed with the idea of buying a brand new bed set was so hard not to, but I am glad i went thrifting instead!)

Last but not least, we got a free trip to the zoo with my nephew.  He had a family membership and since his step kids were at their dads, he invited my family to go....We had a good time....

 what a pretty kitty!

That wraps up our week....please share yours, I learn so much from seeing what others do.....for example, i learned I can make dish washer detergent with just two drops of dish soap and baking soda

i also learned you can make your own dish soap......What did you learn this week?


  1. Wow! You did great at thrifting this week! That is always where I start shopping for clothes, etc. We have a couple of good thrift stores and consignment shops around here where I usually find things for the kids. If I am lucky I can find something for myself too. :)
    I am so glad your landlord is working with you on some things and you don't have to vacate now. Hopefully she will take care of the problem in a reasonable amount of time. :)

  2. You did great this week. I can imagine how stressful it's been for you and that often makes it hard to concentrate on the frugal side of things. To stay focused and use the small benefit of partial refund on rent to pay off debt is a wonderful way to make lemonade from your lemons.

  3. I watched a youtube video and taught myself to make a wedding dress cupcake for a bridal shower that I threw!

  4. wow watching youtube videos now that is an idea...thanks for all the wonderful comments and encouragement everyone!!!