Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Goals

Well i decided it might be nice to have something to work towards and pray about and see where we end up...

In 2015 I.....

want to pray more, and find what works for us to ensure my family gets devotional time(I can't keep waiting on my husband to lead but I hope to pray him to have that desire) and me personally too...

would like to learn to knit or crochet

learn to sew...something....anything......

Read through the First Place 4 health books

Though I know there may always be things to declutter I would like to be done with the bulk of our decluttering and have created a space we love!

Spend more intentional time with my husband and family

Grow something edible

learn about taking better pictures 

Decide about virtual school or continuing allowing my son in public school.  He feels he is not being challenged enough, and the day just takes to long (his words, he feels he could do more with his time.)  We home schooled before but life was so out of control it was difficult for me.  Two years later, things are better, but we need a lot of prayer regarding my son's schooling.

I can't commit to losing weight, I am never successful, but I would like to at least get my health under for the health part

I need to....
*see an endocrinologist
*gastroenterologist ?
* GYN (we all need those check ups ladies)
* a dermatologist. ( I have not had a skin check in a few years and I should have one yearly)
*cardiologist. (gotta have a check up, but i know they will be disappointed, I have not regularly exercised or lost any perseverance...I struggle, i want immediate results, and often give up when i don't get them)

Oh and I need to remember to take my pills everyday...I just realized a bottle of pills that should be empty every month, I have not filled since October...I have to do better.  It is medicine I should take every day.

My bottom line is to learn to live well, (very well would be nice) on less.  I want to do better, and it would be nice if the savings account wasn't empty at the end of the year.  We did budgeting for a bit and it it worked somewhat but then it was like so many unexpected things happened, I could not keep up.  I don't want my life and relationships to be just about surviving....but THRIVING! 


I chose this verse, which I have shared before because sometimes circumstances arise, and I have forgotten this truth.  So this is how I am beginning.......

What will you be working towards in this New Year you have been blessed with?


  1. Your goals for 2015 sound very reasonable, if you stay focused. I know you can do it. When we put God first all other areas fall into place. It's not always the way we expect it to be or think we want I to be, but God knows how it should be and we let His will happen it goes a lot better. I am also trying to work on my spiritual life as well. As a minister's wife, other people seem to think everything is "rosey" all the time, but every person has struggles. I am trying to get my weight back under control before it becomes a health issue. It's hard. I lost 50 lbs over a couple of years and kept it off til about a year ago when mid life kind of hit me. Now I feel like I crave sugar and carbs all the time, and that my brain has turned to mush. But I'm working on that too. I know you do really well cooking from your pantry and freezer and are always looking for good recipes. I wanted to tell you about a blog Her husband is a minister and friend of my husband. And that girl can cook. I just made her oatmeal craisin cookies to use up some odd and end pantry items. I made her jalepeno popper dip for New Years. Very good. Check her out if you get a chance. Have a good week and best wishes in your new endeavors.

  2. P.S. nice picture. You have a beautiful smile!!

  3. Thank you for the tip about the blog, Vicky, I will check it out...I do need some new recipes...I like food that tastes "good" I crave sugar and carbs all the time too. My brain is missing the connection to my stomach that says it's brain always says there is room for more. Thank you for the compliment on my picture...I always try to show only a good must be tough sometimes being a minister's wife. I am sure people expect alot from you. I will include you in my prayers Vicky....we can submit this stuff to Christ...I know we can...and you are right, then it all falls in to place.

  4. I like your list! Your goals sound like they are well thought out and cover all areas of your life. Between your desire and prayer I believe you will be victorious in attaining these goals, MJ.
    A few years ago I bought one of those really cheap beginner's booklets from walmart to teach myself how to knit. I'm really glad I learned, though I am still in the beginner stage. I want to learn how to crochet too- all I can make is a long straight line. :)
    I like your picture too! Keep on smiling, my friend- your smile can light up a room and make someone's day!

  5. Dawn you are too sweet. I will have to check Walmart for one of those books on knitting....or the library....we will see how all these things turn out. I am excited to see where the Lord leads! and what gets accomplished! Hope you are having a great week! I know your weekend looked fun with the juice!

  6. I love your goals. I am personally challenging myself this year to learn new things. I want to learn: to pressure can ( scares me), to knit well, to learn conversational Spanish, to learn more about justice, and to practice kindness,

  7. Anne, I like your goals too......canning interests me as well you will have to let me know how that goes.....and conversational Spanish....that sounds awesome. Your goals all sound wonderful as well!