Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life Unscripted ---- It's one of those days

When whatever undiagnosed chronic pain issue I have is flaring.  I woke up feeling like I have not slept in days even though I know I got some sleep last night.  There is pain in my legs and back feeling like I got a strenuous workout when I didn't.

When my daughter was born over 4 years ago, I underwent some excruciating tests with no definite answers.  Sometimes my episodes of pain are far and few in between or I have just learned to live with and function with some issues.  I am really just wanting to lay around today and do nothing, and of course my husband (gotta love him) would give me permission to do just that.  I want to keep the house up though, I am afraid if I don't push on I will fall behind.  Besides I am suppossed to meet a friend in an hour and a half for a donation drop.  We are both emptying our trunks of items that need to leave our homes because we not longer love or can use them.

I have taken my aleve, and I have tea boiling on the stove.  I am trying to muster up the desire and energy to get out of my pjs.  Do you ever have a zapped energy day.  What tips and trick do you have for getting motivated?

Here is to putting on foot in front of the other possibly minute by minute today I just don't know what's wrong.....some days I feel like......


  1. Lol. Sometimes I feel like I am desperately looking for my mind but still can't find it!!. I try to just get on up every day and get a shower first to have behind me. Sometimes being clean and fresh makes the day look brighter. Hope you feel better.

  2. You may just need to listen to your body and take the day to rest or do things that won't require much strain.

    I work two jobs and take care of my house. When my body is tired, it just shuts down and I take a day off. Lay on the couch, nap, and watch t.v. Make it a pj/movie day with your daughter, she will love it and you can rest.

  3. Vicky that is a good tip.....i will try that next time...i just didn't even feel like putting out the energy for the shower, but i did end up getting up and running. Shelly, how are you my friend.....go you working two jobs and taking care of the house....I think the rest of my day may just be that movie pj day....wonder if i can take one tomorrow too. :)

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  5. Hello :) I was just looking through " blessedbeyondmeasurefrugalhappylife" and was was checking some of her favourite blogs. You may want to ask your doctot to test for Fibromyalgia. Yours symptoms sound very much like those suffered by another lady who writes a blog here in Australia. Hope this helps. :) Good luck.