Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Simple Centerpiece

I looked around my house and I have no doubt it was God's grace that led me to assemble these few things (because I am not sure that I am capable of coming up with such things on my own.)

What you see here is an extra basket that was just laying around the house, four glass jars of various sizes,  (they are empty jelly, pickle, and spice jars)  food coloring, four tea light candles, and dried rose petals. (If your labels don't peel easily off the jars, you can try running the jars under hot water and scrub them off with an S.O.S. pad)  There are lots of other ways to remove sticky labels from jars...you can Google other methods.

I took the glass jars over to the sink along with the food coloring and proceeded to fill each jar to the rim with water.  I then added to each jar two to three drops of food coloring.  The exception to this was adding three drops of blue and two drops of red to in the largest jar to make the water purple.  After adding the food coloring I used a spoon to stir each jar of water to evenly distribute the food coloring.  I made sure the outside of each jar was dry and placed the basket in the center of my table and sat each jar inside of it.

 Each tea light candle was removed from it's metal holder and gently placed on the water in each jar.  (be careful to place these candles gently in the water, if water gets on top of the candle near the wick, it won't stay lit)  Next, I took the dry rose petals and pulled them each apart and filled the empty spaces around each of the jars inside the basket with them.

 Easy peasy...took little to no time at all, my four year old daughter was even able to help.  She was excited.  We placed a checkered table cloth under the basket, lit the candles and served picnic fare like hot dogs, deviled eggs, baked beans, and mac n cheese for an intentional family dinner.

I hope you enjoyed my attempt at a tutorial on an simple yet effective way to bring sparkle and beauty to your home.  You can do something like this with almost anything.  You could experiment with drinking glasses in place of the jars, or maybe make a smaller version with just two candles.  Maybe you want to decorate your jars with ribbon and glitter.  The point is to have fun and make it your own!

How did you add beauty and sparkle to your home this week?

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  1. LOVE THIS!! The basket is so pretty and your creativity is marvelous! I feel like having a picnic now! :)

  2. Oh how fun.. and how nice that your daughter got to help make this lovely center piece.. It is beautiful.

  3. Great idea! Intentional meals like that will be remembered all of your kids lives!

  4. thank you ladies it was fun...and her excitement was contagious! My husband really liked it to....I am glad you guys enjoyed it.....Creativity sometimes evades me but when it flows I enjoy it!

  5. And you say you don't have a gift .,God has given you many talents ..Its beautiful and it blessed you and your family