Monday, May 2, 2016

Braces and Puffle fights

I mentioned that my son would be getting braces soon and today was the day.
He decided to stay home and I was fine with saving the gas of taking him to school and picking him up in just two hours. (OH and did I mention that means I didn't have to get out of bed till 8 a.m.)
I love his smile.

He was very brave and daddy prayed with him on the phone before the dental folks got started.

I still love his smile.

They only could do the top for now we need six months for his jaw line to begin correcting and for his bite to open up so braces can go on his bottom teeth to make room for the teeth that have no space to come in.
On the way home each kid got a strawberry banana smoothie from McDonald's.

And then we had a Puffle fight. These are characters created by Disney for some online game called Club Penguin. My son used to like it and play it a couple years ago. We purchased these guys for 2.00 a couple weeks ago at a yard sale. A Puffle fight is like a snowball fight.(only in FL we don't get snow so we improvised.) We had fun. And a couple rules no direct face shots and we cleared the the room of spillable and breakable things.

Now I have given my son ibuprofen for tenderness and we are settling down for a while.  Hope everyone is having a great Friday!!!!

(I originally wrote this past Friday but the blogger app must have a bug because it will not publish any post. I had to come to the library to log in and edit this one.)


  1. Hope he is over the initial soreness by now! I love the Puffle fight!

  2. Thanks Anne I think it is getting better each day yesterday was the worst so far.