Monday, June 27, 2016

Ways We Save

A friend blessed me with a bag of apples.

While in Delaware we were given one and a half full size bags of Bic razors.

I was also given two quart size bags of soda can tops for me to continue making bracelets that pop pop and mom mom had been saving for me.

We found luggage for our ride home for 9.00 (three suitcases such a blessing!) at a local thrift store having a 50 percent off sale.

We only spent $3.50 on a small gift for my husband for father's day.

(Many other things happened on our trip (difficulties and blessings) but I am still working on that post. )

A friend gave us a ride to our eye doctors appointment (I previously sat with her at the vet's office and helped with dog/baby, so it was sort of a trade, but she did more of the work because she took my kids swimming since the appointment was near her in laws place that had a pool.)  That same friend (THANK YOU LORI) was sweet enough to take me to the grocery store.  I earned $.10 in gas rewards.

My husband and I were both able to order a complete set of eye glasses for no cost out of pocket.

Our car is currently broken down, but I found out that my kids have a secondary medical insurance which will cover transportation to their appointments next week!

I earned 5.00 selling an item on a local swip swap group.

I have been working Bing and Swagbucks like it was a part time job.  I did cash out for $5.00 to Walmart.

Our bank has a rewards system for when you use your credit/debit card....I used the rewards to get my son a birthday gift and only had to pay 2.82 out of pocket.  (His birthday isn't for a couple more weeks but I wanted to allow time for shipping.)

Oh and my meal worms have successfully bred so I am just waiting for the babies to grow to use for food.  We have also put all of our lizards (some of them eat the worms) and their habitats up for sale, but no takers yet.

Fed veggie scraps to beetles and baby worms.

Used baking soda and two drops of Dawn dish detergent in the dishwasher in place of my cascade platinum packets.

I boiled toothbrushes that we had used when sick instead of paying to replace them all.

We received a refund check of $2.61 in the mail for overpaying for a prescription.

We have kept the thermostat at 80 and used fans when necessary. (trying to stay at a monthly bill of $170.00 or less)

Since the car is broken down and we aren't sure when we can repair it, I was able to speak to our car insurance company and reduce the coverage to state minimum savings us $50.00 a month while we cannot drive it.

I also cancelled our lawn service saving us 55.00 but we have to find another way to cut the grass.  (we don't own a mower and our weed eater is missing the battery charger.)

How was your week?  Did you try an new ways to save money?  As usual I will be sharing over at the


  1. mj , So sorry your car is broke down..That is so difficult.Proud your friend has been helping you , by taking you to store,etc.
    Seems like their is always something going on. eeeh.. Sending big ole hug and prayers.
    You have done a great job with your savings.. Best wishes.

  2. Wow.....I counted 19 ways you saved money! Good for you! I hope you find other means of transportation soon. It's difficult not having a car!

  3. Wow.....I counted 19 ways you saved money! Good for you! I hope you find other means of transportation soon. It's difficult not having a car!

  4. Mj... thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.. Just wanted to tell you.. I don't post on it anymore [couldn't keep up with two] So I just went back to my original blog. It is Hope you will come there to visit too..
    What about your car, did you get it fixed ? Hope it is not something expensive.

  5. I will find you there Ms. Judy. No dice on the car repair. It could be the starter but my husband is concerned about taking it out and having it tested on his own. He isn't mechanically inclined. Thank you for checking in

  6. You are doing great with reducing expenses. Keep up the good work!