Monday, April 10, 2017

Sharing Ways We Save!

I am finally feeling back in the swing of things.

I was very blessed with some savings this week.

The biggest one is that I shopped around for car insurance and found a policy that will save me $354.00 every six months.  I will be going to the agents office tomorrow to start that policy.

I went to Petco to search out pest prevention for my cats and dog.  The items she recommended were 80.00 in store but only $54.99 online.  I only purchased the items for one cat and the dog to see how they work before I buy anymore.  The cashier was nice enough to price match! I also used pet perks and should get some cash back that way.

I saved 20 percent on a haircut at the Smart Style Salon and a Wet brush for my daughter.  (I tried to go to the local cosmetology school but they had a really long wait.)

I made home made deodorant for the first time.  I used it today for the first time.   I don't stink so far though, I have been lazy.

I returned some items and used the credit to purchase more privacy panels for my home.

I opened a new checking account just to get a credit of $25.00, and they offered me free checks which will save me another $20.00 or so.  I am thrilled because I needed to order some, I will just pay my rent from the new account.!

I also sold an item on Offer Up and made $20.00.

The final, involved creativity, as I recently purchased a  larger dining room table from a friend's estate sale.  The fabric on the chairs needed to be redone.  I have been saving some articles of clothing for quite some time hoping to use them for something.  Re-covering the chairs turned out to be what they were to be used for.

This is how they started out. 

This one was covered with an old pair of pj pants that I happened to love the print on.
This was an old t-shirt with PIG PEN from Peanuts on it.  I couldn't throw it away, so glad we could reuse it for something.  I just love the saying on it.  I still have two more to do.

How was your week?  Anything new and exciting.  Thank you all for you tips last week!


  1. It's great that you could recover those chairs so nicely. They look great! It was a great use for the clothing.