Friday, June 21, 2013

don't know where this is going

So I have not decided exactly what the purpose of this blog is except to say we can really be different from what we know or have learned, it is possible to change...even if it feels impossible.

I don't have any neat or thrifty posts to post yet, no projects...but there is one in the works.  We are still making changes and this Friday will be the end of our first official budgeting month!!!!!  We have been following our own adaptation of the Economides plan from,  "America's Cheapest Family"  I am excited we did make a mistake in week two but we did not touch any bill money as we might have in the my budget was uncorrupted :) that is progress for us.  My hubby decided to adjust his goal a little....with wanting to go away in October for our anniversary it meant we couldn't do anything at all projects or anything.  It was hindering me trying to do things homemade etc because I don't really have any supplies built up.  So now we are shooting for January 2014 instead and he has agreed to drive and stay at a hotel outside of Disney which saves like 40.00 a night at least and breakfast is included at the hotel we are looking at now.  So this will basically be Christmas for the kids.

Where we are at with homemade:  Looking into what is needed for food storage and checking to see what kind of space we have.  I made some jewelry pieces this week for the first in years but I need one or two things to make em just right. I did make my own homemade fabric softener with is not as fragrant as I would like so I am still tweeking that.  It all seems overwhelming though, I get upset when something doesn't turn out perfect the first time but Winston Churchill says this "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

So I am not giving up.  That big old tree branch and its buddies are finally off the house so I can begin slowly moving forward with some yard enhancement ideas.  And I can get in my shed!!!!!  It was a couple of 70 year old neighbors that took it down.  The electric company etc had given us all warnings not to mess with it...but the guy who owns the property the tree was on was like ...ain't nobody gonna tell me I can't do was funny...I felt bad though that we didn't get to help. It was just done when we got home from work.  I just have to finish cleaning up the yard which should happen Saturday if the rain stays away.  So I am busy researching all the things I know nothing about like plants and gardening.  I had some free plants lined up but I think that ship may have sailed.  My bestie and I aren't really talking right now...I think she is having a midlife crisis and she won't talk to me because I know and she knows some of the things she is doing are wrong.  So she is avoiding me mostly because I call her out on it....

I am still reading my first place for health bible study....trying to work through some each day.  I have not been brave enough to step on the scale this week.  Oh but I did find out my A1C is 6.4 down from 6.9   so I remind myself while I have not lost weight it is progress :) and my avg sugar is down from 151 to 137.  We doubled my metformin dose for now and I am working on my eating habbits.  I have been trying some hungry girl recipes.  If you have not heard of them  check em out at  I had the craving CapnCrunch shake this morning for breakfast.   I make there version of mashed potatoes too and my whole family eats em!!!!!!!

Have a good one!

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