Saturday, June 15, 2013

And my hubby sets a goal

That i think is crazy but we are in this together. so the whole family (even the lil ones) are on board to try and meet this goal.  In October hubster and I will be married 15 years.  Something i noticed over the last week or so is that our budget didn't really have an anniversary or christmas category in it.  Well I was looking for home made pinterest type ideas for our anniversary.  Most years we really do everything homemade anyway...or dont spend much.  Well i was just thinking of purchasing some nice hand stamped jewelry and it would have been maybe 60.00 along with a nice dinner out, and i wanted to get some romantic photos...I was thinking 100.00 tops. So i was gonna incorporate that into the budget.  Hubby gets it in his head today that he wants to go with the kids to DISNEY for our 15 years...

Seriously we only have like 4 months to save up the money and it comes to like 3000.00 (that includes hotel tickets and airfare) but seriously....we are just getting to our feet sort of...i feel like it is too big of a goal, but he wants to give it a real try.  I also have a small trip to take with my kids in July with a friend to Rhode Island (we are accompanying her on a business trip) so there is no hotel cost for me and the kids cuz i will be taking care of her daughter during the day.  So i will need money only for half the gas which is about 70.00 and then money for two outings with our kids....its my son's birthday so i want to take him out at Dave and Busters and then we are going to Build a bear cuz there isn't one around here and he really loved it when he was little and his sister has never been. (yes i know none of these are necessities) i will have the gas money set aside in the small vacation budget i made by the time we go, and my outing money is going to come from some scrap metal i need to take to the dump the motorcycle shop guy i work next to even gave me some to take :) i dont know how much money i will get for it yet because all the stuff is trapped in the shed by the tree that fell on the house and in the side yard (not sure when that will be resolved. ) We offered to cut it up ourselves but we are not given permission because it fell over a small power line.  The last trip of the summer is a small camping trip that we are splitting the cost of with two friends in August.  So the whole trip will cost us like 40.00 and it will be "dad" Mr. B will let me use his camper for free which is cool.

Speaking of which tomorrow is Father's Day.  I do not speak to my biological father despite the fact that I lived with him for 10 years of my child to teenage life.....but i do have a wonderful man in my life that i call my step dad,  Mr. B...he was married to my mother when she passed, and although he was not able to be part of my life from like 10 to 17...when i graduated high school i called him, he came to my graduation and hasn't missed being part of my life since.  He is a wonderful grandfather to my children.  (my biological father has never met them even though we live within like a half hour of each other)   I am having a dinner for Mr. B and my hubby tomorrow night...chicken bacon and cheddar all baked together with homemade mac n cheese along with succotash and a home made eclair dessert.  (i wasted alot of previous years wishing my biological father would come around despite the horrible ways he treated me i still craved his approval, but i realized i just couldn't see and appreciate what I do have in my life which is my husband and Mr. B) So I am making a conscious effort to change that.  Chances are I bet you have someone in your life too that you might be overlooking or under-appreciating...Its never to late to begin again :) and stop and show some love :)

Anyway I plan to show some appreciation to the men in my life tomorrow...very excited.  Dishwasher is running after we had a end of the school year party for my baby boy who got a straight A average for the year.....this was his first year in public school (we homeschooled before) so he got to have a pizza party (i cheated and bought Dominos) and we had a sundae bar.  Unfortunately there are so many dirty dishes that I will have to run a second load but it was worth it! 

Last note for the a call from the doctors office, I am being called in to go over that blood work I had done to earn that incentive from my health insurance company......I will see Wednesday what is up.  And I had my eye exam far I have earned 90.00 of the 130.00 offered....the class to earn the last part of the reward is not being offered in my area...we will see what happens.......

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