Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Woohooo Wednesday!!!

Had a decent day today.  It was mine and hubby's first day off together since we both started working.  His first official whole day off since he started back in February!  We headed to Salisbury to see some family and ended up getting treated to breakfast at the Golden Corral by my wonderful Uncle John.  Our son had school but our princess was with us and she got her very first official hair cut today!!!!

I am not sure if it was harder for her or her daddy....he loves long hair and thinks it is gorgeous...she is about 2 and a half and hubby has been the only one to ever cut her hair and even then it was just her bangs.
The Hair Cuttery did a great job and when she was done they gave her a certificate for her first cut with some of her hair on it that i will frame for daddy later.  

I also got a new summer do....

I plan to touch up the color myself later this week.  I wear red in the back and have seperated the front to be blonde.  It cost me like 8.00 to do it myself.....the color that is.  I ended up having money for the haircut because i had paid for my son to go to a ballgame this past Sunday and the girl who took him refused to use any of the money i gave her and she gave it back to didn't have to touch my budget to get the cut...and daddy paid for the princess....(when we started the budget plan he wanted to keep his tips for himself) being a tow truck driver he may not get them alot...but i agreed to let him keep them and do what he wants with them....

So our first trip to the mall on a budget wasn't bad...i did see things i wanted but for some of it i was able to see it and say i already got something i can use....or i was able to admit i really don't need it and the desire passed. Hubby even saw something he wanted apparently had enough money for it with his tips he tried it on walked around the store....and really thought about his purchase and decided NOT to make it...I think it is at least progress.

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