Sunday, June 9, 2013

at 32 I have learned it just ins't true!

You know I am just here doing a bible study and I was reading Psalm 139 13-16. And I spent a lot of my life being told I was no good no one would ever love me etc etc..(by my father of all people and the family and others I grew up with)..I lost my mother at a very young age and have had much difficulty holding on to personal memories of her, but as an adult others that loved her have shared with me glimpses of her life etc....I wish I had got to keep my mother but God made her and I know she did have Jesus in her heart and must be with him in heaven now...but as I am reading this verse I am reminded of a recent conversation with a woman named Rosa who was an old friend of my mom's  and found one of my uncles who in turn directed her to me on Facebook and she shared with me a story about my mom. I am someone's miracle.  My mother really wanted me and was thrilled when I was finally conceived (my mother had severe health issues her whole life)  between that story and God's word it just washes away so much of that brokenness created by others in my life that caused me to carry heavy baggage of feeling no good and unloved ...... .     Oh and the icing on the cake is I have wonderful people that love me...some family I was born into, some family I was not born into.....and some were born to me and despite the differences we sometimes have I have had a wonderful and loyal husband for 15 years (almost).  So all those things those mean and spiteful people said...just weren't true.  I wish it hadn't taken me until 32 to realize it just was never true.
And I have no doubt that you too are someones miracle...whether you know it and can see it or not!  I highly recommend finding the song by Britt Nicole called Gold on you tube...
that is all I have to say for today >>>>

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