Sunday, August 18, 2013

made my own Dove Body wash

from a bar of Dove soap!!!!!!

I did some research and I sort of followed the recipe part found here

I let my handsome prince (who needs a hair cut) grate the soap into the pot with two cups of our tap water.  (he loves grating soap now that we have made the homemade laundry detergent)

So what I did was grate a 4 oz bar of the Dove sensitive soap into 2 cups of tap water and I boiled it for 30 minutes on the stove until all the shreds were melted.   Then I let is sit overnight, and honestly it had thickened way before i went to bed, but i wanted to be sure it was set so I did let it set overnight. 

It was really thick so I added 3 tablespoons more of water and mixed it with my beaters (like you would a cake mix)

I loved the consistency, and spooned our mix back into my empty 24 oz bottle of Dove soap that I had bought from the store.  Spooning it into the original bottle was tedious but I did not have another container on hand to store it in the would be easy to use in the shower. 

I did not have an exact measurement but I estimate that I got 18 oz of body wash from a 4 oz bar of soap.  And I bought two bars of Dove soap for 3.27 and I only used one for this recipe.  So basically I got 18 oz of Dove body wash for 1.64.  Works for me.  I could have gotten an even better deal if I had a Dove coupon, but I did not, so I look forward to getting an even better price next time!!!!!!

The recent laundry detergent and body wash making idea came from wanting to see if we as a family could cut our expenses even more for the things I feel we still need to buy in the event that my employment ends, or our hours are reduced because fall and winter are fast approaching.  There was a little drama at work this week and my boss said and did some things that almost caused me to leave the job.  Things have smoothed over now, but my boss is nice one day and not the next.  The highlight of my work week though was a 27.00 tip from a customer just for renting him a Uhaul and helping him save some money...So i am treating the family to dinner tonight!

Did you try anything new this week.  I hope you all have a great start to the new week that is coming!

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