Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday 5

so I have decided to link up on

and do a Friday 5...I found this linky party on  who i discovered during a Sunday blog hop a couple months ago hosted by

So here are the things I am decidely loving this fine Friday.....

One that is is after 3PM and I am off work...woohooo....

Two....that over the past couple of weeks I have been able to transform  a room in the house from this

to this  

I have been following the FLYLADY at  thanks to an outside view from a follower I was able to realize I was still bouncing around making no progress in anything I was trying to I have almost completely organized one small part of the is definitely decluttered now at least. (((( (and my sink has been shiny for almost two weeks now))))) This room had alot of detail work that needed to be done I will post about the whole transformation later this week.

Three is this awesome smelling stuff

I discovered it on our Rhode Island trip when we stayed with Aunti P at the Providence Marriot....this is the stuff the hotel gives out every day when room service comes....I love the smell.  It really is truly an energizing smell.....It retails at Bath and Body Works for 13.00 and doesn't appear to be included in the usual sales, so I have not sprung for a bottle yet, but believe me it's going on my gift list for the hubs for Christmas or Birthday ideas for me....because I love it!!!  I have 3 to 4 of the trial sized bottles from the hotel since Aunti P said she was stocked from previous trips!!!!!

Four is the smell of this homemade laundry detergent I had the kids help me make today at work (I am slowly learning to manage my time better through time blocking which i discovered at
it is just really working for me when I use it)  Anyway we had some down time and we took out all the ingredients and made it on the picnic table

this is part of the smells soooo great i can't wait to use it but i still have a little store bought liquid left to use up is the recipe I followed
although I omitted the Oxi Clean

And last but not least number five:

I am completely crushing on this picture taken of my son during our trip when we celebrated his birthday  in Rhode Island....I am not the best photographer, but I really think this picture of him properly cropped will look great on the wall and I will have taken it myself.

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