Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pitty Party

So I think I am finally over myself from last Fridays issues and being angry...Sunday Aunti P invited me to go bowling and we took our kids together, it was just 2.00 per game and I had my own shoes so we saved some funds there.  It was a  good time and a bit of a distraction from the things I was feeling.

To my surprise, I have not quit my job...I am still here....there is a time clock in the office now so there is no discrepancies with the time I am to get paid for.  I still have not gotten Fridays paycheck but each day it is promised to be delivered.  During the last 4 days though, I have unfortunately been throwing myself a pity party been angry at the world and rebellious and done nothing like a two year old I guess. My sinks are no longer shiny and I let chaos reign for the last couple of days.  The only thing I did do was a load of laundry a day.  I vegged out like everyone else and just did what I wanted.  I know not the right heart attitude.    I did give away some clutter though, I posted the stuff I wanted to yard sale on a Facebook online local site and gave it all away for free.  Until we get the truck fixed, and I get my work time managed better, I don't have time to yardsales on a Saturday and the only other day I have is Wednesdays and I don't know how effective that would be. 
So I gave away a car seat, two small tvs for recycling, and three very large bags of clothing and shoes.  So the huge pile of junk in my office is starting diminish.  I also gave away the posters I had for math from when I homeschooled.

So tomorrow is our day off.  The last Wednesday before school starts that we will all be together as a family.  I know we have errands to run.  The hubs has new glasses to pick up at Sears, they had a 2 for 99.00 special.  We tried to get him a discounted pair online before but they just didn't get the script right.  So we are also picking up my prescription on the way and I will be ordering the special and getting two new pairs of glasses too!!!  I like something with a little flair, I hope I can find something.  I also know we will be going to my son's open house at school.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope each of you are able to handle your emotions better than I did. 

Starting over tonight, and shining my sinks, and playing catch up after my tantrum.

So I am feeling better pitty part is over. and hopefully things will get back on track.  I was just so mad, I didn't want to do anything at all.  Was ready to throw in the towel, Crazy right

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