Sunday, September 22, 2013

Family Room Undone

When I say undone, we have undone the family room finally from the chaos we usually have created in there.....This room has become one that my son has to maintain as part of his personal reward system.  He has to maintain the living room, family room, and his bedroom.  Well the poor kid has been trying and trying to get this room and he will tell me it is clean and it isn't....So I decided after we got off work today we would come home clean it together so he can see what it is suppossed to look like when it is clean.

And honestly before there really was just too much chaos going on for him to work out on his own I think.....

Here is before.

In the second picture the chair is flipped its not always like that.  I had just flipped it over to clean under it....we deep cleaned the family room....under the furniture...ceiling fan and we wiped down the base boards....(no i don't expect my son to do that every week)  it just needed to be done......

we started at 4:18 and ended at 5:56 we probably could have been done sooner but I did have a 10 minute conversation with the neighbor while recycling papers and my daughter woke up from her nap and needed to be cuddled for maybe another 10. is the after.....

I think it turned out well....i love the clutterless room...we went through stuff threw away papers etc....we moved the doll house to behind dad's chair but there is still plenty of play room back there.....And together we tackled it!!! I am happy with the results.....I doubt the blankets will always stay on the furniture...I really have to clean out my linen closet next so there will be room to store the blankets.  The only thing left to do another day in this room is to thoroughly determine what toys in the toy boxes we love and give away the ones we don't....I am sure that will be done prior to Christmas.

So what did you do today....Did you tackle any projects that you have been putting off?  I am proud of us, we worked but came home and gave something our total effort....and we even had a little play time with Aunti P and her daughter at Mcd's play place.


  1. Your family room looks great! (I like the wall color, by the way). It's good that you did it together. Children dont always know what you expect til they actually see it. He should have a better handle on his chore list now that he knows what to do. One thing I do every day is make a tour thru my house. I make my bed, wipe the bathroom sink, and straighten the living room. I don't mean I deep clean every morning, but just straighten the throw pillows and blankets on the couches, pick up papers, and any other misplaced items. It just gives an appearance of "clean" if you have any unexpected visitors during the day. I have done this so long, it's just a habit like having your morning coffee or brushing your teeth. It only takes about 5 minutes to do all the things on my little zip thru the house.

  2. I hope to get some good habits to set in....for all of us....we will see how it son and I have a deal that either one of us before we have to get ready to leave that we will take 5 minutes to see what is out of place and take care of it. here is hoping we can maintain!!!!