Wednesday, September 18, 2013

trying to apply given advice

Can we agree that you can do research and ask for advice and learn about new things, but if you are not willing to apply the things you learn, then it doesn't do any good.

 So I am briefly going to share with you something I learned and show you the result..... In all the books and blogs that I have read regarding wardrobe and making wise purchases when you are adding to your wardrobe you need to make sure you love the piece and ask yourself honestly if you are going to wear it. Well I have been wanting a pair of comfortable shoes for work that can be dressy or casual, depending on what I would like to wear. I have decided that just because I rent uhaul trucks and work in a partly unfinished building doesn't mean that I have to look like a slob. (I really struggled this was just so hot before we got air and regular doors put on two rooms any make up just melted off)   My sneakers are getting a little grubby too. Anyway I wanted a pair of shoes that covered my toes because i learned this summer that wet grass and opened toed shoes equal wet toes which equal yuck. And I also have sensitive feet, I love heels but with my current weight etc...they don't love me back and I can't wear them more than an hour or two and I cannot do any lifting or extended walking in them. So here is what I chose. I ended up at a Naturalizer outlet and I was shopping their clearance section (I am unwilling to spend what they want for shoes in their non clearance section) I love the added padded comfort I can usually find in their shoes, and I tried on several pair there and several pair at Rue 21 but what I found were these at the Naturalizer outlet


Do you think they are too funky? I picked them because a) they were comfortable, and  b)they have a little bit of every color in them so I figured they could go with whatever I put on whether it be slacks or jeans.  I don't think I will wear them every day but probably quite a bit.  For once I feel like I made a sensible purchase not just a stylish whimsical one.  They have a flat protective sole and it is all good.

here is what they look like on

Now if I can just figure out what to do with my hair I could feel well put together on a daily thing at a time though!

Hope your "hump" day was great!!!!!!!


  1. Hey MJ. I do like the shoes. I saw your post last night but I was on my phone and couldn't see the photo very well since it was so tiny. I thought they were solid gold, but they are really pretty. They should go with lots of things and be dressed up or down depending on your mood. I think its usually good motivation to dress up a little for work no matter where you work. It makes me feel a little perkier unless its one of those days when I just do not care, and just want to be comfy in jeans and a t-shirt. I work with preschoolers, so I never know whats gonna end up on my clothes, especially during allergy and cold/flu season, if you get my drift. LOL. I think you made a fun, but wise purchase. Good luck with the new hairdo. I'm sure you'll do something great.

  2. thank you Vicky, you don't think they are too hope is that they will flow seamlessly from dressy to casual :) I am still experimenting with the hair....I was thinking to myself well I am never going to find a new style if I don't try to style it so I played with it last night with my flat iron...I found a pinned back look...maybe I can share another day and you can let me know what you thinking. I didn't get to weigh in yesterday to see if I made any progress...I use my wii fit as my scale and I guess my son changed out the games and misplaced the disc....and we cannot find it maybe next week I will get to see if I made progress....oh well. enjoy those preschoolers I am sure the job can absolutely have its challenges. I find one two year old to be a challenge...let alone multiples :)