Thursday, September 26, 2013

Transformation Thursday #2

Well not much to report.  I was able to weigh in this morning and was happy that it wasn't worse than I thought it would be

The picture is terrible but if you can tell what it is...i weigh myself using wii fit...and i have found it to be pretty accurate to my docs scale at least.  I gained .07 of a pd since the last time i weighed in.  I am not really disappointed...who am I kidding, I did not work as hard as I could have.  I did start with the nutrisystem 5 day kit a couple weeks ago.  And i liked seeing the calorie amounts i should expect in a meal, snack etc.  I honestly did not like the taste of all the food.  Some of it was awesome...some of it was not.  So i will not be purchasing the kits but I will use the information I got from the kit as a guideline.  I have in the last two weeks returned a little to the gym, and started exercising a little again.  (I have not exercised most of the summer)  So I did make some progress.  I struggle with eating the week of my Period....oh boy I just want what i want.  I am going to have to research healthy alternatives to my cravings.  I did like the Kellogs Special K chocolately pretzel bars.  So that could possibly work as a salty but sweet snack at just 90 calories.

Anyway I am not quitting, just got to get myself together better and work more on incorporating exercising back into my life.   When i was doing it before, at least it apparently was keeping me from gaining weight.

Here's to encouraging myself to do better as I go forward, remembering I will make mistakes, but this time, I will not quit!


  1. Yay! You found your disc! MJ, you are so very hard on took a little while to get here, so it'll take a little while to get to where you want to go. Are you going to link up on the site you mentioned the other day?

  2. I agree with Shelley, you are hard on yourself. Just look at all you have accomplished recently. You seem to be making a total life turn around this year....budget, house maintenance, working full time, spiritual uplift, diet & exercise. That's a lot of stuff, and you are doing amazing!! The weight will come off as you get a handle on each goal. The more peace you make with yourself, the easier it will be.

  3. aaw are making me teary eyed.....thanks for showing me some love....I will try to lighten up. Sometimes you can't see things until someone points them out to you....yes I did link up at the Tips and tricks Tuesday!!!!! And peace with myself? now that's an idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you ladies are having a great week! Thanks for sharing some love with me!!!!

  4. You can do it! Small changes can lead to big things. You have to start somewhere and chances are you wouldn't be as successful making drastic changes and being unrealistic. This way you will learn what will work for you and will ease yourself into it. You got this!

  5. Thank you Kristin for the encouragement. It means alot!!!!