Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ever heard of House Party?

So months ago through research in trying to find ways to save money on various things I found the following site  and signed up for their emails.

One of the emails talked about House Party.  I signed up at back in April, and I have applied to host three or four different types of parties and I was not selected.  However about a week ago I got an email saying UPS was shipping me a package.

Well we had applied to host a Beyblade party, and we were not selected to host, but House Party is launching a new feature called Chatterbox.  Chatterbox selected our family (along with some others) to recieve this

BeyWarriors Shogun Steel Ocatagon Showdown Battle Set

We loved the set, we recieved it free from Hasbro through Chatterbox at The whole family got in on the action! My son and his friend (8 and 10) were the first ones to test the battle arena. They had a great time! Then we sat down as a family and took turns. My son's favorite character is Samuri Ifrit. Though I think in our battles Ronin Dragoon is undefeated! Even our daughter loves to play with this set! I loved that we connected as a family over it and it was over something my son really really loved! We have not tried the online game yet, that will be next!!!

 That is right it was absolutely free!!!!!! All we had to do was honestly review the product and share our reviews on several sites like Walmart, Target, and Amazon.  Piece of cake!

House Party features all kinds of parties, from movie nights, to health and wellness, to name it.  Check it out.  Maybe you will be selected to host something.  I have no doubt you would make a great host!!!!!!

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