Thursday, September 12, 2013

Transformation Thursday (the beginning)

So I thought I would start something new for accountability for myself, I have been working on the house and what not lately and trying to do a little crafting.  As I have mentioned before my husband and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in almost exactly one month.  A year ago I had this idea to have romantic pictures of us taken, and in my head the idea was that I would be able to wear this sexy dress and show all the weight I hoped I would lose.

Well the end of that year is pretty much here, and I didn't keep or even work toward my goal much.  I quit months ago.  So my husband says that it isn't too late if it is important to me, to start now.  (Although he loves me as I am no matter the shape and size)  He says that he is certain I can make changes in even just the one month we have left before I want some pictures taken.

So I am going to start once a week logging my weight in on Thursdays and provide whatever updates there may be and see if there are any changes.  I started by purchasing this:

I know  I have vented about my weight before and I got some great tips and I completely plan on using them, and I don't expect this 5 day weight loss kit to be magic in a box or anything...I picked it up simply to give myself a starting idea I put my meals for a day in a bag and told myself when the food is gone, I am done eating for the day.  That is it.  If I eat it all by noon then too bad for me.  So this is more to just give me some more helpful ideas and show me what a portion size is for the moment...I know I can make my own food and save money etc....but I wanted to set stricter limits on myself where there is no pot of spaghetti to go back to after I dished out my so called portion. 

This was breakfast 
That is a double chocolate muffin from nutrisystem with a glass of vanilla Almond milk...I did ok with that ate it around 8 am and didn't have my snack till about 2 hours later
Now the snack was not provided by Nutrisystem this is an Herbalife protein mix given to me by a friend that I have never used, and in an effort to be a better steward I want to use up what I have.  Anyway I added a splash of coconut coffee creamer and some almond milk again.

I ate cheesy potatoes provided by nutrisystem for lunch and we grilled our own chicken on the grill the guy that works next to us has out back at work. 

Dinner was lasagna with meat sauce.....
Ok to me that is the smallest portion of lasagna ever...I am sure if I had made a big pan my portion would have been twice the size of that and I may have went back for more....but I behaved myself ate the lasagna and had some cabbage with it......and ate my nutrisystem cookies for dessert.  So far not too bad. I drank six glasses of water today.  Big improvement for me.  Honestly it is 8 pm my head says I want to eat, but I am not going to.  I hope to  go back to the YMCA to go swimming at least twice a week starting tomorrow night again.  We will see. I am trying not to have any expectations, just to learn new things, and see what happens, but really try and take better care of my body....
Ok and here is to baring it is one of those embarrassing side profile pics that really let it all hang out, my hubby took it, and he I told him I want you to take one of those horrible side profile pics, and he sweetly and seriously can't possibly take a bad picture you are always beautiful....yep maybe I will keep him around for another 15......
I am weighing in at 269 today.....and I logged my food intake completely honest on fitness pal at
Today I ate 1709 calories but I still have 234 remaining.....and I need to reduce my sodium and sugar intake according to the log.  We will see what it looks like next week, and if I can honestly keep my eating in check.


  1. MJ. Just found your blog today from Blissful and Domestic and went back and read all your posts from the beginning. So proud of you and all you have accomplished. Hang in there, some days are better than others. Some days we even need to allow ourselves a little pity party. Like a good cry, sometimes it just clears the air,

  2. One more tidbit I want to share after reading your past posts is to make sure you appreciate your husband. I know you do, but I know you feel like you're doing it all. You can't change him, you can only change you. However, sometimes that helps husbands see the light shining in you and makes want to make positive changes as well. After all he did make banana bread! I think you are a blessed woman, especially these days...your husband is a loving husband and father, works for a living and spends family time with your children. A lot of women would love to have that. I have been so blessed to having a wonderful husband for 28 years, and I wish you many more happy years together with yours.

  3. Vicky thank you so much for visiting and talking with me. I appreciate the encouragement. You are right..when i read your comment there are often times I don't really appreciate my husband. Thank you for shining some light into my corner I will remember that I am blessed and he is a loving husband and father no question about that. I will remember that the next time someone tries to throw a little doubt into my head regarding what he physically may do or doesn't do :)

  4. Hello my friend! Vicky has some awesome points and I'm so glad you keep linking up to Blissful & Domestic (or I would never be able to keep reading).

    Skinny Girl is a good website (still too many processed foods but good ideas) and Pinch of Yum is fantastic for real food ideas (beautiful blog pictures and recipes).

  5. Shelley, thank you I will look into those for some inspiration...this is only day three of but I am taking it one day at a mind says I am hungry but I am ignoring it and drinking water !!!!! I love the Blissful and Domestic site, I definitely link whenever I can.

  6. Been looking forward to another post, but I'm sure you have been busy with work and family. I wanted to mention you might want to check out the blog, "Organizing Made Fun" Becky at OMF has some terrific ideas for doing inexpensive or even free organizing in your home with things you already have. She also has info on her own weight loss journey that she went thru a few years back. Check it out if you haven't seen it before. She always getting me inspired to go clean or organize something. Have a great day,

  7. Thank you Vicky I will check that out. I was just thinking in my head that I needed to post, I am just trying to decide what I want to share I guess, then to sit down and write it out and post pictures. The site sounds amazing. I would love for organizing to be fun. I am going to try and decide what to post and get it up tonight. I am glad you are here!!!

  8. Hi MJ! I'm a little late catching up on the links from last week's Tips and Tricks Tuesday - thanks for linking up with us! Great job taking control of your weight loss! Also, sounds like you have a great Hubby there - thinks you're beautiful the way you are but completely supportive anyway.

    This week's Tips and Tricks Tuesday is live so come link up with us again! Also, I'm 2Momma2 on MFP if you need an extra cheerleader there!

  9. thank you Kristin for dropping in. Thank you for the link up it is awesome. I follow you with the exploring domesticity blog which I found months ago on blissful and domestic. I love the Tips and Tricks!!!!!! I could always use a cheerleader and advice.