Monday, September 16, 2013

A gift to the hubby, and a blessing he has decided to pass on .....

So there has been an interesting development here the last week or I have mentioned in a month it is our 15th wedding anniversary.  Well the day after that is my husbands birthday.  Hubs will be 43.  His cousin was selling something and since we have been budgeting (will share more budget info soon) we had the money to make a purchase, it was something my husband has wanted for a long time and honestly, I am guilty of not appreciating when he expressed his interest, we poured over the budget together, decided to not take a trip to Disney at like he had suggested and we were planning for in January, and instead he bought this from his cousin:

What can I say, it's been 15 years, we have never been able to purchase toys...we were to busy being wreckless and careless without any sense of planning, and I want my hubby to know I do appreciate him, but we have both said this is his birthday, anniversary, and probably Christmas gift too.  I am excited to see him excited.  And to be honest I want to ride it too.  He has to take the course or something and get his permit to be able to drive it on the highway, and he has been giving the kids little rides around the shop at work, and me too.  I like it I look forward to eventually having some romantic rides.  We may still take a trip to Florida with the kids, it just may be in the Spring instead.

Now onto another interesting development in the heart of my husband.  We are a two car family, but for years, we haven't always needed two because he has had some kind of job that offers a company vehicle of some sort.  Well at the present he has the tow truck and he is on call six days  a week anyway, and I have been driving our car because it is better on gas then the Ford f150.  A couple months back there was a mechanical issue with the truck, and the hubs has just decided it is not a priority to get it fixed for whatever reason.  The truck does still run, but we are not 100 percent if it is just an exhaust leak in the truck or what but we have not driven it since the car got fixed for the second time a couple months ago.  Anyway my husband loved this truck, we just payed it off in February, but as I have mentioned since we are keeping our home on purpose and with a purpose now, we have been decluttering.  One of the men who came to get some of the things we were giving away, takes items to bless other families in need.  He has a large van that has been breaking down and cost him over 130.00 to fill. 

This gentleman came to the house to get some more of my clutter last week, and I had to leave for work, but hubby remained behind this time, and said he met Mr. Jay this time when he was picking up the stuff and said he noticed he was struggling with his van and wished there as something he could do.  Said I wish we could afford to give him our truck .  I looked at my husband and said you know i was thinking the same thing a couple weeks ago, but I didn't dare bring it up to my husband because I knew there was no way he would give up his truck.  And I said technically we can "afford" to give away the truck because we don't owe anything on it anymore.  So since hubs and I both had the same idea, we decided to pray about it and see if this is what the Lord wanted.  Today we called Mr. Jay, had him come look at the truck and told him what we were thinking. 

So my husband has decided to give away his Ford F150 to a man who is about doing the Lords work, I couldn't be more proud of him......I have to finish getting our stuff out of it, and then Mr. Jay has agreed to take ownership and will be making the necessary repairs.  After all we have not been using it, so i guess it was just a piece of clutter in a sense, and I know we could have traded it or sold it, but we just don't believe that is what we were supposed to do. 

So what about you, got anything sitting around that your heart is being prompted to let go of?  Mad love to my hubs for giving himself to God's will.

(unfortunately today took a sad turn....on an off and very sad note, we came home this afternoon to find out mama cat (swirl) had apparently died from complications of her spay surgery i guess, i contacted the spca told them something was wrong wanted them to check her out and they called me back today, but apparently mama died while we were at work.  My son is heartbroken.  If I had know I would not have had her spayed or I would have kept a kitten.  But we have consoled our son who is heart broken, and we had an impromptu family night in our room and watched Wreck it Ralph)  I hope none of you had any unpleasant surprises today, and only super awesome blessings.!!!)



  1. It sounds like you have been on a roller coaster the past few days with ups and downs. So sorry about your kitty. We recently lost a dog we had for a long time, of old age. As for the upside, I am so proud of you guys. First, wow, with your budgeting being able to make such a substantial purchase as the go girl! I agree that some times big boys need their big boy toys. Cause let's face it, it occasionally fun for us girls too! And second, Wow again, for making such a wonderful gift blessing someone else. I know blessings will come back to you in the future. Even if they didn't, just a good feeling of knowing you helped someone in need is awesome in itself.

  2. Yes Ms Vicky, definately some ups and downs.....thank you for the encouragement....the bike is a used one that he got from his cousin...but it is a huge thing for us considering we were living just a couple months ago paycheck to paycheck. I just hope the blessing we could share ends up being a blessing :/ but it is out of our hands at this point...we cleaned it out and up the best i was able to and a tow truck picked her up to deliver her is a pleasure chatting with you...and I am sorry you lost your doggy...that can't be easy....they sure do love you unconditionally.