Thursday, October 31, 2013


here is a snapshot of my little ones

a biker and a fairy.  We did not spend any money on the costumes, they are made from things our kids already had.  The helmet used in the biker outfit was given to us by our bike shop owner friend when Hubs got his bike so our kids would be safe when they rode.  My son already had the jacket.  The fairy costume  is a sweater the princess already owned, and a skirt and wings I bought for her last year after halloween was over at 2.50 each piece, i had put them away as a Christmas gift for her last year. ...a close family friend took them to a trunk or treat...well she said three of them actually while dad and I hit the DMV to start the motorcycle training course that we will complete over the weekend.

(its the last class of the year) I am SCARED! but hopefully being guided step by step will guide my fear and I will learn something new that in years past I could only ever fantasize about doing, but now it is becoming a reality that I can share with my husband.

So what did you do...did you pass out candy, have little ones that dressed up, participate in a fall festival or do you have some other type of fall tradition?  Hope everyone had a great and safe night!!!!

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