Friday, November 1, 2013

Friendship Friday

I have decided to join Friendship Friday's link up November is officially “A Month Of Gratitude” at Create With Joy and each week, we are invited to express how gratitude is manifested in our lives in various ways!
Today's question was this :What are you most grateful for at this moment in your life?
And without overthinking it, the first thing that came to my mind was this
 This is an older picture taken almost three years ago when my daughter was born.  The answer to that question is that I have children.  I know it sounds lame and corny right, but there is a story behind it that I have not shared with you readers, but I plan to one day, it's just an emotional one.  I know that shamefully I have been angry with my kids when I shouldn't be and I have taken my family for granted at times.  
I will touch every so briefly on the story I never shared with you all, My husband and I were married 4 years and we discovered we were pregnant with our first child.  We had been having marital issues and had just reconciled when I found out I was pregnant, but despite our issues, I had always wanted to be a mother.  Unfortunately on 02-05-03 our joyous moments of pregnancy turned to sadness when our son was born still at 36 weeks.  Now that is all of that story I am going to share for now.  But to briefly sum up time afterwards, we could not easily concieve again, a little more than 2 years later we had another son.  And thankfully he was born screaming and healthy and is now 8.  4 1/2 years later once I had accepted we would probably just be a one child family I surprisingly discovered that we were expecting again, and this time on November 9, 2010 the Toomey family expanded by two beautiful girly feet!  I think I intend to create a page on this blog eventually dedicated to our very first son to share our story but that is for another day.  So I am thankful for what I thought at one time in my life I would never have.  The miracle of life, that I don't deserve to have stewardship over.  Feel free to leave your comments if you would like and share what you are thankful for.  I love hearing from you.! 

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