Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Tips and Tricks Tuesday again!!!!

exploring Domesticity 

Please come by and get or give some advice :)  I have changed my Transformation Thursday posts to Tuesday to make it easier for me to share my information as well.

So i weighed in today and here is the results

At least it is a decrease!!!! I have been reporting back to the gym to swim on Wednesday nights, I hope to go and have an appointment with someone at the Y to go over all the other equipment with me so that I can be sure I am using the equipment correctly. (I am so insecure about exercising in front of others)  And I would like to get some ideas for exercises that will specifically target my "apron belly."  My body is irregular and it is about that time for my female monthly to rear it's ugly head, and I have been feeling the effects it bring with it the week before.  My back is hurting, I am tired, and even a little nauseated.  

But one little thing I found that makes me feel like I had a treat this week is this:

They come in lots of different flavors, choclatey delight, brown sugar and cinnamon, cookies and creme, I even had one that was chocolate caramel.  They are 100 calories per two pastry crisp pack.  My favorite is the STRAWBERRY.  I used to love the strawberry pop tarts that kellogs makes, but I cannot eat them for all the sugar and calories, they spike my blood sugar something awful, but these pastry crisps taste just like I am having a pop tart.  And I can take it out the door for a snack or breakfast.  I usually have a small glass of milk with it.    Well that is it for this weeks transformation post.  Not a whole lot to report.  I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!!!


  1. Congrats on your loss!!! Any loss is not a gain, so you are doing great. I also like those Special K pastry crisps. I used to buy those for me and my youngest. Now to save money I try to make my own healthier snacks. Maybe I should say lower calorie snacks. Those may not be that much healthier, just theres less of them to get in trouble with. I am about to make some homemade granola bars. Someone gave me like 5 or 6 bags of granola from their work when a case got messed up and they have to do something with it because they cant ship it. Sometimes I use it in my yogurt with fruit and I also make granola bars. I have the illusion that they might be healthier than the ones you buy. They are cheaper anyway. Its great that you are planning on going to the gym. I don't like to work out in front of others either. I went once with a friend. I just usually walk outside, and I also have an elliptical, and access to a treadmill that I use in the winter when its too cold outside. Keep up the good work. You're doing awesome!

  2. Thanks for linking up with us and congrats on the loss!

  3. Thank you Vicky and Kristin for dropping in. Vicky, I have not tried making granola bars yet. I agree that homemade is cheaper and it is supposed to be healther because we know what is in them. I have made some no cook energy bites that were granola, and I have made granola that I cooked and toasted in the oven and ate as cereal and with home made yogurt. What do you put in yours? I usually do chocolate chips, I would like to experiment with coconut....maybe some day I will graduate to baking some but I need to find a recipe my kids will eat...my son lately thinks everything is too sweet which is good I guess.

  4. The recipe I used is from http://backtothecuttingboard.com/dessert/no-bake-chewy-granola-bars. Today I made the peanut butter chocolate chip ones. There's some other kinds as well. I only make 1/2 a batch now. When my son is home from college I can send some back with him, but if its just me then I only make half so they are fresh. My husband doesn't eat anything to chewy. I have made the s'mores ones also. Sometimes I put white chocolate chips instead of PB. If I don't have honey I substitute Karo light syrup or have mixed the two when I was running out of honey one week. I had a fresh jar today and they were especially good. No baking, just a few minutes on the stovetop. Very easy, or I probably wouldn't do it. Hope you get a chance to give them a try.

  5. thank you ms Vicky for the tip to the recipe I will give those a try...thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I've had those crisps - so good! Great job with the loss and the gym! I was too intimidated to use the machines when I used to go, and only went with a friend - I should have had someone show me around.