Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3 of challenges!!!!!

I am still following along with the challenges of Becky over at

I know I said I was going to spare you the picture of my underwear drawer...but it looks like I lied because that was todays challenge.

so here it is my before

Here is the after organization:

Now my pjs share the drawer with my bra and underwear (I am sure this arrangement is different for everyone) what you see are the pjs folded like yesterdays shirts and filed so i can see them and pair them if I want the middle my underwear are rolled up like rags and off to the side are my lingerie things.....and beind the undwear in a neat pile are my tshirt bras...i don't wear socks much but when I share short ones with my hubs and they reside in his dresser (which I will be doing soon muuuuaaaaah I think this challenge has created a monster :) )......and that is that.....

For the challenge over at  the question is how many pieces of clothes do you need...and you are supposed to take a picture of you i did

and I know the answer to that question is different for each person depending on your season of life, so I am interested in seeing what that answer ends up being.  The top of my closet seriously needs organizing, but I am certain I am going to part with a few more pieces before I have to organize it!!!!

And that concludes day three in each challenge!!!!


  1. Your organized dresser is looking good. I had seen the challenge on organizing made fun, but hadn't taken time to do anything yet til I saw yours yesterday. I'm a day behind, seeing both blogs made me get in there and organize my undies drawer. I also have socks, slips and hose in that drawer. I saw on Becky's post about using boxes. I ended up using 1 narrow shoe box and 3 boxes from when I bought canning jars. Together they fit perfectly. I took a picture, but as I am technologically challenged, I don't know how to put it on here. And don't think I want to learn with a picture of my underwear! LOL! Thanks for the inspiration. I didn't throw out anything since I had purged my closet back in January, so wasn't really feeling the need to get rid of a bunch of stuff right now. Hope you can keep up with the challenges.

  2. wow Vicky that is wonderful!!! I would never have known about Becky's Blog if you hadn't told me. I am a day behind now because I was sick yesterday and didn't do anything so maybe I can catch up...we will see. I feel much better today :) I did not use boxes for my dresser, but I love the idea and will probably use them for my husband and kids. If i could see your equipment I would help you load the picture, but i fully understand not wanting to start learning with the underwear pic!!! LOL...have a great day my friend!!!!