Friday, October 25, 2013

Progress in the office.

It is coming along, but not even close to done.  My husband stuck in a helping hand to bring it where it is now, last night.  I had been plugging away and plugging away, and felt like I was not getting anywhere.  There is still alot of work to be done but here is the before:

This is what it looks like now:

We moved the book shelf and painted it and took it out of the office and put it in the reading/crafting nook in the great room.  We moved the stereo to where the book case used to be and it now holds photo books that were previously stored in a tote.  We gave away the big pile of things that used to be stored beside the desk, but I have some boxes of things left to go through.  So it will probably take me a while, and the other desk still needs to be cleaned up.    But it is functional at least.  I will keep working on it a little each day.  It is functional now though.  So it is definitely progress, and I love that the whole family is starting to pitch in. 

The stress level for me now is so greatly decreased.  I can have family time and not feel guilty, like I should be cleaning.  Soon everything will be in order and all i will have to do is maintenance and a little detail cleaning.  Coming up over the next week or so I will be crafting a little getting ready for my daughters bday party in a couple weeks, and my uncles wedding.  Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. It didn't get messy in a day, and it takes time to organize it. You are doing amazing! And wow! getting the whole family to pitch in, that's great. I love your paint color on your walls, and the beautiful hardwood floors. You really do have an adorable house. Hang in there, you'll have it all done before you know it.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. We did not do any painting in this place since we have lived all came like this :) I am glad you like it. I do like the floors too....I think it is pine or something the owner said. Yes we had a cleaning night the other night and everyone pitched in. I still follow the flyl lady philosphy of 15 minutes a day but when they are willing to help get something done, I am not going to say no :) I am learning to relax and realize we do live in the house and cut myself a little slack that is will never look like the catalog pictures I have in my head. A friend that comes and takes the kids some times has been complimenting us lately saying the house looks really good. It is a good feeling to know that someone else can see the progress too!