Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sharing what I saved for the week on Sunday #1

One of my favorite

shares each week what her frugal accomplishments for the week are.  I thought it would be fun to do something similar here, and share what is is that each of us did to save money this week.  Let's face it, for me my hours are steadily declining, and I am always looking for new ideas on how to save.

Perhaps we can inspire each other.  Who knows.

So I will begin.

I shaved 10.00 off a monthly recurring bill.

I used left over marshmallows that have been in my fridge since we went camping to make rice krispy treats

I made home made granola bites

Our electric bill this month is down from 113.00 to 69.82 but it has been a month where we haven't really had to use air or heat

We were shopping at Walmart and our local one has a built in Subway restaurant, we had not eaten yet, and everyone wanted to go but despite the difficulty in doing so, we resisted, came home and cooked dinner.  My husband said he was so proud of us for doing that.

My husbands bike needed a repair but we work next to a bike shop and the guy fixed it for free and my husband even got a pair of chaps for free for riding in colder weather.

I paid .50 a pound for some potatoes.

I cancelled our monthly subscription to Netflix

And I forgot to mention, our son goes to public school, and this week, we opted not to purchase his school pictures but to take our own when we finally set up to take those annivesary pictures we were suppossed to take with our own camera.

We also got a last minute notice that we were going to have company Saturday night, and I was trying to figure out what to offer them to eat because it was dinner time, but everything was frozen, so we knew we could cook hamburgers from a frozen state or we offered breakfast for dinner.  Breakfast for dinner was selected.  This was a frugal event for us, because we really wanted to throw in the towel and order pizza (and normally that is what we would have done.)  Dinner turned out great, and my uncle brought his new girlfriend and her family to meet us and they announced they are getting married!  So we now have a wedding to plan in a little less than a month.

And that is what I was able to accomplish.  Please share what you have done no matter how big or small you may think it is, I would love to hear it and learn something new!!!


  1. Hey MJ. I love the frugal accomplishment posts from the Prudent Homemaker as well. I don't know how well I have done this week, since the week feels like a blur now. But here it goes, I caught up on cutting and sorting my coupons, looked at sales flyers and planned my shopping for the week. I ended up going to Walmart, Kroger and Piggly Wiggly throughout the week and still didn't spend all my $100 grocery/household supply budget allotted for the week. I got 10 pounds of potatoes at Piggly Wiggly for $2.99. That's about the best we can get around here, and I was surprised to see that low of a price. I was excited I got Caress body wash for 97 cents each because I had some $2.00 coupons, so I got 3 bottles. I was able to get 8 cans of Progresso Soup for 81 cents a can by combining the sale and coupons (double coupons) at Kroger. My husband cut his own hair, or used the clippers on it I should say, and I helped him trim. To save gas one day, my husband had to go on some service calls and see some customers and we rode together and he was there to help me with my Kroger shopping. We did eat out that evening because it was getting late and we were in another town. Due to health reasons, we try really hard not to eat to terribly late, if we can help it. My mother in law had a birthday. I got her a fleece holiday vest that was originally $32, for about $10. It was on sale and I had a $10 off coupon. My husband needed a new wallet. He wasn't concerned with the price to much. It was originally $26 and he got a nice surprise at checkout when he got it for $8. He had some doctors appointments today and we had some time to kill between appointments. We went to our favorite consignment store. He found 4 pairs of dress pants that still had the tags on them for $11.99 each, and they were really good brands. He also got 6 shirts, and I got 2 fall dresses. We spent what it would have cost for maybe 3 of those items at regular retail.

    Most of our dinners were at home except that one. We treated one of our sons and his girlfriend to lunch after church yesterday, but we plan in our budget for those expenses. My husband keeps a certain amount of cash out each week, plus I have some for "eating out expense" in our monthly budget. I guess that's about it this week.

    Thanks so much for including the frugal accomplishments on your blog as well. I think it inspires us all to do more when we read what others are doing.

    1. wow Vicky it looks like you had a great week!!!!

  2. loved the way you set up this post! It was super authentic and great ideasl! Thank you for sharing it on the Blog Strut on My Personal Accent. We are back this Thursday so please stop by and link another great post.