Monday, October 14, 2013

the Great Room.....undone

well mostly undone from chaos there is a little left to organize and one or two items to give away and put away.

So let me get to the before.

Nice and chaotic right, well we had several things to do and it took some time to get this area under control, but we knocked it out in time to have dinner with the grandparents this past Friday night. Here is what it looks like now:

Over the last couple months, we got rid of our old floor model Rca was free to us and served us well for a couple years, but we passed it along to someone else.  Over the summer we purchased a flat screen Tv from Wal Mart it was a display model and it was half price and it turned out to be a smart I had a friend that works at Walmart buy it for me, and we got another 10 percent off.  It took us so long to use it because it didn't come with a stand or remote, I didn't want to buy a stand because they were like 80.00 and we did not want to spend any more money on the tv.  If I had to start buying more accessories for it, it is not as much of a savings.  So over the last couple of weeks we made one from pallet wood at work.  We also changed the way the furniture faced.  It really makes the room seem alot bigger.  And we got rid of the landlords big table and moved our small one into a nook area and put two book shelves around it so we have an official reading and crafting area in the room.

The book shelves are ones that we already from the office, one from the shed.  We painted them with a can of paint that we bought to paint our home made tv stand.  It was a 5.00 can of oops paint from Lowes marked down from 32.98.  My Uncle told us about the oops paint idea and it was perfect...and we still have half a gallon left.  And my husband loves the color.  I was skeptical at first but it is a pretty shade of blue, and it's his castle too right?  I like the new look of the Great Room, I just have some tweaking to do to get it just right but 15 minutes at a time, and until more equipment comes to us, I guess I will have more time to do projects at home.

I am learning to love keeping the house on purpose and with a purpose!!!!


  1. You guys have been really busy. I like your craft and reading area a lot, your whole family will enjoy that. Great job in using things you have and repurposing them. It's like shopping for free. Did your husband like the new headboard? Hope you had a nice anniversary celebration this weekend.

    1. Thanks, I really like the crafting/reading area too....and my son has a quiet area to do his homework tooo. Yes repurposing is kind of like shopping for free. How was your fall break? Did you get to to something that you enjoy? My husband really did like the new headboard he said it is definately better than anything you could buy at the store. :) So I would say the project was a success!!!!

  2. thank you....happy you like what you see!!!