Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tips and Tricks Tuesday!!!

Man Tuesday comes quick doesn't it?  A week has flown by.  I feel better this week but didn't make any progress.  I have actually gained 2.6 pds this week according to my Wii Fit, but I am ok with that, I am on my monthly period, and last week we celebrated hubby's birthday and our 15 year wedding annivesary.  There were definately some meals in there that were not figure friendly :) and I had a couple of drinks which is very rare for me but I know those were extra calories too.

So I am curious, with special celebrations and holidays, is everyone on their best eating behavior or do you let go and really enjoy that meal you want to have?  It's back on track for me now.  After weighing myself I did 11 minutes of exercise, including two yoga poses.  I surprisingly could feel muscles that I apparently don't use being used for those poses.  Because they hurt now......it is a good hurt though.  We have been working really hard on the house.  I admit decluttering the house, has become my first priortity, I am still trying to make getting rid of body clutter a priority.  I do struggle with a chronic unidentified pain condition, so I will just have to work my way up to tolerance I guess and stop letting it deter me.  I didn't get that appointment at the gym because I really felt sick alot last week.  I hope to get it in this week maybe.  After all work has ceased to exist for me right now.

Does anyone else have chronic pain issues?  How do you cope?

So here it to working on incorporating myself into my daily routine and to start attacking body clutter 15 minutes at a time like I do the house.

Anyone interested in being my accountability partner to ask me if i did at least my 15 minutes of activity?  How do you make progress, do you have an exercise buddy?  I will happily cheer you on as well.  The pic above is from this weekend.  I spared the full body profile shot because not changes yet from the last one.  I did tone down my hair for the fall. I still can't figure out how to style it.

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  1. I'll volunteer to be your accountability buddy! Let me know (but it sounds like you have your hubby to be your cheerleader already).

  2. Shelley I accept....thank you............I am dragging feet now today but I have been working on our office, it is the "final frontier" so to speak on the house part....but according to fitness pal cleaning does burn calories!!!! do you have a routine or specific food prep or anything that you do for yourself to get you motivated or move each day?

  3. If you're working on deck uttering your house, don't discount that as a workout. Unless you're plopping down and tackling a drawer or something, you could make it a workout! Cleaning can definitely be a workout, I know I can work up a sweat picking up toys and vacuuming. If you're taking loads of stuff up and down stairs, that's a workout too. To kill two birds with one stone, think of how you can dr clutter both your house and your body at the same time.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us at Tips and Tricks Tuesday!

  4. No real routine..I keep trying to work one out..I love the idea of creating order but I'm poor at continuing once a routine has been established (I get bored with it and then procrastinate or ignore it completely). MJ, do you have a personal email or would you rather go back and forth on your blog?

    I like food but I need to exercise every day (health issues). They both motivate me!

    How goes the office? (Prompt for today)

  5. I do have personal email luckygirlj2005@yahoo.com would probably be best. The office is still a desperate work in progress. I have not had to work this week but apparently this room is just really bad, I really don't know what to do with all that is in it. We ran some errands today and dropped a load at a thrift shop. I am trying to oranize each desk....i really just want to be an ostrich and bury my head in the sand :) i have trouble committing to a routine myself. So far today i did some arm exercises but that is it. I plan to swim tonight my son has karate class so i swim while i wait and the princess goes to the child care part