Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tips and Tricks Tuesday, a day late.

exploring Domesticity

I am linking up a day late, I thought I would get to let the doctor weigh me in yesterday but it didn't happen so I weighed myself in this morning very much to my diappointment.

I am apparently up to 275.  Now I am on my period and I am hoping that is the problem.  I guess we will see next week.  I did start replacing one meal a day with a shake beginning  today, i was suppossed to start this last week, but my personal schedule got all out of wack, and I was nervous about the motorcycle course so I waited to start till today.  I am not pleased at all with this weeks results.  I plan to log caloric intake on myfitnesspal as well.  I have been brainstorming about making myself a motivation to move journal or something like that on the days I drag my feet.  So far I am at 15 minutes of definate moving each day with an exception of 30 minutes some days.

My son and I are playing the wii fit this morning.  Then it's shower time, and errand day.  I am grumpily getting on with my day.


  1. Don't get too down on yourself - give yourself a break to account for The time of the month and do the best you can until next week. I predict you'll see a loss!

  2. I created a "streaks" calendar (an app) and it has been motivating to me. Do log on MFP, that has made a huge impact for me. I've got the fitness part down (I'm very active, usually 100+ minutes a day) but it's the eating that it hard for me. I like to eat. At least I'm tracking and taking responsibility now.

    I've moved the WiFit into my home gym ... the kids are still welcome to come and try and beat me. We all have our strong activities. I'm pretty much unbeatable at most of the balance stuff (except for the ski jump, #3 has me beat on that) ... the kids like the newer activities and I'm not as good at those.

  3. Jen is your app something available to anyone? I don't have a smart phone but I do have a sounds interesting. Yes my son and I shall gear up again tonight for another round of Wii Fit I didn't check in this week struggling a little....but I am definitely trying to track what I am eating. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!