Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sharing ways we saved on Sunday # 3

I love reading what everyone does.  There is always a chance that someone does something that one of us may not have thought of yet to save money.

This week I received a free food processor.  Someone was given a new one so I said I would take their old one they were giving a way....this was from a free needs for seeds group on Facebook in my local area.

I made some spray to spot clean our carpet  you mix 2 oz hydrogen peroxide with 1 oz dish soap (spray spot with solution and rub) then spray with plain water and scrub with another rag)  I mixed it in a plastic spray bottle we already had.

I got a code to get a free 8 by 10 collage for free at Walgreens so i made a collection of the kids halloween pics from this year.....can't wait to get it.

The kids costumes were things we already had, and we did not give out candy....our neighborhood doesn't get kids...mine are basically the only ones that live in it.

I made pumpkin and cream cheese muffins and to avoid wasting the egg yolks I made homemade chocolate pudding (your recipe :)   ) 

My husband received some second hand clothing from extended family and we went through them all and put them away and I even found one piece!

We used the Goop glue from my craft stash to repair a pair of boots I own that the sole was coming off of and it worked, I think I can get at least one more season out of them :)

My husband and I both completed a motorcycle safety course this weekend at our local DMV successfully and this will entitle us to a 10 percent savings on our insurance  (that is right this mama is officially licensed to operate dad's  Class was fun  but i was scared alot too.

I did not have to go to the grocery store this week.

So I know we talk about ways we save, but did you spend any money that you see as a wise investment?  I  don't know that I did that, but we did look at our spending and our budget, and we set a Christmas budget to be $110 out of pocket. We will make some consumable items but they will be made from items already in the pantry I worked on building over the summer.  A few weeks ago when my son had his first school fundraiser we purchased some calendars that will allow us to put photos in them for each of the grandparents as a Christmas gift for them, that was 19.00 not included in the $110 budget listed above. The calendars seem to be good quality.  We could have gone cheaper with this project, but we got a chance to support our son and his school so we decided it was worth it.  Here is hoping our planning pays off.  I promise to be honest if we go over or stay under.

Have you made any holiday plans?  I look forward to hearing about your week :)

Hugs from MJ!!! you are beautiful, loved, and important!


  1. Good job on your frugalness this week. I thought the kids Halloweens costumes very very creative. It's so awesome that you passed your motorcycle course. I would never have had the courage to do that. So good for you!!! We've been busy trying to tie up lose ends to go on vacation, which we are on now. Hubby is still on the phone several times a day for business. He says he is relaxing. I hope so. I'll report on my thriftiness for our trip next time . Have a great week.

  2. you too enjoy that vacation!!!!!