Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sharing ways we save

Let me start by wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day regardless of your type of motherhood...whether you are still waiting to be a mommy, presently the executive director of a madhouse with your quiver full of little ones, the mother of an angel, a pet parent, a foster parent or a grandparent, or even a single dad.  Sometimes it is the simplest gifts that really just touch the heart.  This is a small simple silk arangement my son made me at school for mother's day....he couldn't have done anything more special or bought anything more special.  I love it!

Now onto sharing some of the ways we save:

*I recieved a $12.00 rebate in the mail from purchasing my pet's heartguard a couple months ago.

*Redeemed swagbucks for $10.00 worth of walmart gift cards that I put toward purchasing ink for my printer. 

*Recieved two vouchers for free tickets to our local Minor League Baseball team the Jacksonville SUNS to attend this afternoons game.

*Made Dove body wash, and cleansing conditioner

*Used a $10.00 off coupon to stock up on dog food

* Recieved a free tube of Advantix for my dog just for being part of the VIP program at PETSUPERMARKET

* I bartered with my neighbor who is a licensed cosmetologist for haircuts for the whole family, and color for me.  I would post a picture of my new look but it isn't complete.  My haircut has not been done, but thankfully everyone else got theirs done.  I bartered with her use of my wireless internet signal so they can watch their netflix service, and use of our weed eater because they don't own a lawnmower.

*in the kitchen I made a homemade coffee cake and spaghetti sauce.

*My neighbor and I also went curbside picking when a different neighbor moved out and we got quite a few things, like a dress up hat for my daughter, a dish drainer, a book bag, just some odds and ends of things we could use.  My neighbor got alot of things too.

* We went yard sailing on Saturday and got some cool finds.  We got a few pieces of clothing for each person for .25 each and i got a back massager seat pad thing for a $1....i was very excited.  I paid $1.00 for a toaster at a different sale, that will allow me to replace was only toasting one side of the toast for some reason.

My most exciting find was a meat slicer for just $9.00.  I had tried to order one online using a $10.00 reward from Sears etc, but they ended up sending me and email saying it was out of stock and issuing me a to find a working one for that price at a yard sale was awesome.  I want to be able to slice my own cheese and meat.  I think it will save us money in the long run.  Cheese and lunchmeat are one of our biggest expenses because my husband does pack his lunch most of the time.

What things did you find or make this week.  Please share what you do to save that we might learn and help each other.  Have a blessed wek!.


  1. GREAT find at the yard sales- awesome score on the meat slicer!!! You had a super week. High Five to you!!
    Today I got some good deals at the grocery outlet. It rained so we are thrilled that the pool is filling up- I'm thinking we wont need to pay for any pool water this summer- hopefully! I hung up almost all our laundry on the clothesline so I saved a bunch of electricity. There was also no food waste this last week- we ate all the leftovers! :)

  2. wow Dawn....that is don't have to pay to fill the pool...that was such a cool idea your hubby came up with......i still haven't had luck on finding a grocery outlet yet in our alot looks to be the closest thing......i am still working towards no food waste....i threw away some toasted buns i forgot about today.......and props to you for hanging out your clothes.....we don't have a clothes line.

  3. you to Ms. Shelley, hope it was good and that you are doing well.

  4. I'm visiting from Rebecca's. What a great deal on the meat slicer!

  5. I am SO jealous of the meatslicer! I have been eye-ing one forever just haven't made the deal yet. So cool!

    You made yourself lots of money this week between the coupons/rewards/etc! And how nice to have a neighbor who is willing to barter! What a blessing that is!