Tuesday, July 22, 2014

eating from our pantry

So have you ever done a pantry challenge where you eat from only what you have at home already from your freezer or cupboard? We have been doing that since we got back from north Carolina. This is the first week i am feeling the pressure to be creative since we started. We spent our last seven dollars of grocery money on a loaf of bread and 4 dozen eggs.

We have tried some new recipes like ham fried rice, cinnamon roll muffins, and tonight i will attempt to make homemade alfredo sauce. I am out of milk and cheese but thanks to suggestions on the blissful and domestic blog as well as the prudent homemaker blog i have a stock of powdered milk to use for cooking.  My husband has even been decent about it all. He is taking peanut butter and syrup sandwiches to work and tea that we make at home.  He usually eats lunchmeat and cheese and drinks Pepsi.   We elected to challenge  ourselves to help us reach the rest of our summer goals. Our final preset goal is an upcoming trip back to Delaware for a family reunion and to visit some others.  We have modified the cost of the trip by choosing now to stay with family instead of camping on our own saving us 222.00. We will be eating with family or out during our travel. I will be taking snacks and a meal for the 14 hour car ride. We plan to leave this Friday.  We will be gone a little over a week and when we return it wll be time to move again.  Do you know anyone whi moves as much as we do without being military?

I am sorry for all mispellings and lack of pictures as I learn to blog from my smartphone instead of a desktop since we shut off the cable and internet last month.  So do you prepare your kitchen and have a stock of basic supplies? Do you like to cook....here is my little secret. ...i dont like to cook and i do not know why.....but i pray one day at a time and at the end of the day i give God thanks that another day of meals has been provided and survived.


  1. I am so glad you are doing the pantry challenge. Thankfully, we received fresh veggies from a couple friends the past couple weeks so we are still eating from our pantry this month. We haven't had to buy much other than milk and a little bit of fruit and bread.

    Blogging from the phone is hard isn't it. Praying you have a wonderful trip!

    1. Wow you must have quite the pantry stock! That is so awesome that you have not had to buy much. I am dure we will continue eating from our pantry when we get back as well. Is eating from your pantry easy for you...sometimes i find it to be challenging. ..

    2. In jean and February I stocked up on a lot of items. Cereal, pasta, sauce, canned goods, bread, rice, frozen beans. We are also still stocked up on toiletries (except tp) from last year and even before. I used to coupon a lot so I have a big stock pile.

      For veggies we have just gotten lucky with some friends sharing theirs. Normally, I do have a hard time eating from the pantry but it is only because I am tired to think at the end of the day. Haha

      I need to do it more though. To save money for our goals.

  2. We did the pantry challenge during the month of April. It was not terribly difficult except after the first week I really missed eating salad. The upside is that I used a lot of things from my freezer and now can restock it with summer produce. This link is the wrap up of the 30 days and what I learned from the experience http://newhappeningsatthetable.blogspot.com/2014/05/wrapping-up-no-food-shopping-challenge.html

  3. I will check it out thank you for sharing