Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life Unscripted.......

I thought on Thursdays I would start sharing a day in the life of me, because well, i thought it might be fun.  Some days are hum drum, other days, unexpected events happen and I feel like who needs to watch reality tv, when it feels like there is plenty of drama naturally occurring here in my every day life, unscripted.

The day I am writing about will be the events of Wednesday 10/01/2014.  I got up at 7:08 am when the alarm on my phone went off, and thought, oh crap, I have to get up, and get in the shower, my son has to get ready for school, and I have to be at the State's Attorney's office at 9:00 am (and i have no clue where that is.)

Up and at em, I am now, having gotten my shower, picking out dressy clothes, for my appearance with the State's Attorney, and it will be what I wear to work when I go in at 4:30.  Dogs, are out, I am dressed, my son is ready, I throw a dress on the princess, and try to convince her to wear shoes.  She puts on her hello kitty rain boots with a sparkly dress, and I decide who am I to argue with your fashion out the door we go.  I take my son to the bus stop, and the princess and I head to my best friends house, because she will keep my daughter while I go to my hearing.

Once at my best friend's she asks me if I need money to pay the State's Attorney....I said isn't it backwards that the babysitter is offering me money to pay my fee when i already owe her money....She gives me $41.00 and I stop to Winn Dixie to purchase a Money Order for the State's Attorney.

I have to see the State's attorney because my previous landlord is suing me for a month of unpaid rent.  I did not pay that rent because I used the money to put towards a deposit on our new home, after the previous landlord refused to make proper repairs to her home. (there was black mold growing, continuing water damage, and my son has asthma.)  Since I did not follow the proper channels to withhold my rent, there are consequences, and I now have to pay my old landlord $660 plus the 40.00 that will go the the State's attorney.  I have one month to pay the money or an arrest warrant will be issued in my name.....and my only recourse with the former Landlord is a civil suit.  ( I make a mental note to obtain a free legal consultation)  I am a stress eater, and I am depressed over what has happened inside my little meeting but relieved that I have a month to come up with the funds, and I will pay them to the State's Attorney directly to avoid me getting in trouble and running into the old landlord and say maybe punching her in the face or something.)  She outright told the state's attorney she doesn't care about the condition of the place, she wants her money...but there is nothing he can do, I have to pay it.

Getting back to being a stress eater, I stop and waste money at McDonald's on a steak bagel, and an iced coffee...telling myself I just need some time to myself.  (I have desperately got to change my method of thinking.)

By 12:00 pm I have picked up the princess, promised to pay my bestie all of the money I owe her for last weeks' babysitting and the State's Attorney fee tomorrow.  Tomorrow is pay day.  I am upset with myself for the lapse in budgeting within our home that has happened with moving, me working part time at night, and my brother in laws funeral and the expenses associated with traveling.  There is nothing I can do now, except move forward with better plans.

The princess is in the shower, I have decided to get rid of the shirt i wore this morning, I have spent half the day pulling it back down where it goes, so I have chosen a new shirt to wear to work, not caring at this point if my clothes will match tonight or not.  I am tired, I have prepared tonight's dinner because the hubby does not cook, and my babies gotta eat and so do I.  Let's face it, preparing a meal at home is cheaper then eating out.  Dog's have been fed, we have baby chickens, and I still have to clean out their little box, provide fresh water etc.  I walk by the sink seeing that apparently there has been a lapse in the household agreement of everyone washing their dishes as they use them, but I refuse to wash them today.  They will have to wait until Friday.  Yes Friday, because I have errands to run tomorrow before work.

At 2 I realize that the princess dumped what looks like 3/4 of a box of multigrain cheerios all over the couch...she says it did it by itself.  I ask her to try to put them back in the box, when i realize that attempt is futile, I decide to let Buttercup, our golden lab mix in the house to eat them.  What a time three I will pick up my son from the bus stop and head back to my bestie, the babysitter's house.  Then I will head to work...stop at DD for a caramel iced coffe (best ever...doesn't hold a candle to McD's) to use up the last 3.00 on a gift card I have and feed my addiction.  At 4:30 I should be pleasantly seated at my work station ready to start helping customers.

How was your day.....? That being said...see you later alligator :)


  1. Sorry for your legal troubles. Best advice is just plow ahead and dont look back.

  2. Thanks Anne, I will keep that in mind...that is surely what we are trying to do. Some days it is harder then others.