Thursday, October 9, 2014

Life Unscripted

It's that day of the week share parts of my unscripted life with you.  I will be sharing about this past Wednesday 10/08/2014.  I didn't plan to share about another Wednesday, that is just the way it happened.

It's Wednesday morning, my son has popped in to tell me it is 7:30 for some reason this week, my alarm is not working.  I have checked and rechecked it....don't know what the problem is, but thankfully we have not missed school at all this week.  I drove him to the bus stop, come back home to start cleaning up my room, because my nephews wife and I did quite a bit of work on the rest of the house yesterday, I now want my personal space to look just as nice.

I realize that I have not gotten a recent electric bill when as I am cleaning I pick up the old one.  I call the electric company to find out how much the new bill is and why I have not received it.  To my shocking surprise the bill is a whopping $360.00.  I have no idea why. I have never had an electric bill that high before.  It is only for one month.  We have some adjustments to make.  I am already going to be tight with having to pay the old landlord, it is also our anniversary this weekend and my husband's birthday.  I temporarily think about cancelling any plans we have but know he won't go for it.

Our additional guests have moved in and we are still adjusting.  I know he wants to take our tiny get away.  My nephew did not get up until 10:30 so the budget meeting we were supposed to have to help him figure out how to "stop the bleeding" in his finances did not happen.  We tried several times to get him up to no avail.

By 12:02 I am eating frozen pizza and my little girl is in the shower now that she is done eating.  I have told everyone that we must work together to conserve power.  No lights during the day (use the natural light) and so on.  If there is a tv on when I get home in the evenings I will ensure that it is shut off.  We talk about getting a timer for the hot water heater to see if that would help. I make a mental note to do some more energy saving research.  Dinner is in the oven baking because I don't know if my nephew's wife will be here to cook dinner, she is considering going to the ER because her leg is swollen and painful.  I threw some chicken legs in the oven smothered them with garlic, thyme, and cumin and let them bake.  I have also thrown together a pot of mashed potatoes.  If the 11 of them needs something else, I hope they can work it out and fix it for themselves.

I make one jug of gatorade, realize I have not fed the six hungry dogs that are roaming our property right now, (3 are mine and 3 are my nephews)  If he isn't going to be more responsible then they may have to make other arrangements.  You can't sleep till 10:30am and have to be to work at 1:00pm and still get everything done, and just ignore the really important things that you don't get done like feeding your pets. (end rant)

I did say we are all still adjusting to each other.  I too was once just living life and letting it happen without purpose or direction.  I need to be patient while I wait for my nephew to get focused. I hope that will be soon.

 I have a load of my own personal laundry finally in the washer (it seems to always be in use by the other family now) and I am relieved when I smell the towels that were in the washer, they don't still smell like the back up that happened in the guest bathroom yesterday when the toilet clogged.  A little bleach in the water did the trick.  We began a two wipe, flush rule to hopefully avoid future problems with the toilet. 

At 2 I will hit the shower, get ready for work, pick up my son, and we will head to my best friend the babysitter's house.  I will start work promptly this afternoon at 4:30pm provided the car gets me where I need to go.   I should get home by 9:30 pm.  My room will not be totally cleaned today, there is just too much in there for me to get in order in one day, now that I have caught my daughter's cold, after previously spending five days in bed with what may have been the flu.  (all I know is it was bad)  I have to admit though,  I would rather have the cold/sinus issues then whatever I had for the few days before.  I also think of two women in my life that I love right now struggling with symptoms that are much worse, as they each fight a different type of cancer. This immediately stops my pity party thoughts, and I take a moment to thank God for those women, and still continue to ask what I can do to be a blessing to these women.  I don't know what the answer is to that yet.

This could count as a little throw back thursday picture I is Easter of 2013. Mom Mom Bella (my step mom, kids call her mom mom) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just before Christmas 2012. Here she was feeling well enough to go to church with us.  She has never gone into remission, she is still fighting, and some days are better then others.  She always tells everyone I am her daughter, and she loves my kids as her own grand-kids when she doesn't have to......She sure is something special. 

I don't have a picture of Aunti L's mom who we now call grandma Joan.  I thought I had one from a recent breakfast date, but it is MIA.  I hope each of you are having a great week.  Feel free to share your weeks events if you would like.......

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