Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life Unscripted

It is that part of the week again when I share about things that happen in a typical day around here.  This week, I will share about the events of Monday October 13, 2014. 

I got home from work at about 1:00am, had trouble getting to sleep, and my daughter thrashed around all night long in my bed because she had fallen earlier in the afternoon and we wonder if she has broken her hand.  It looks swollen even in the dark.  I lay in bed, and pray over her arm, believing the I should do nothing without praying about it first.  I am unsure where to take her for treatment if she needs it in the morning, should I taker her to the pediatrician, will they just refer us to the E.R anyway for exrays, or should we do an urgent care facility because they can xray there can't they? That would just be the cost of a doctor's visit copay and would include the xray.  I ask the Lord to heal it, and should he choose not to, I ask that he would show me where to go for treatment.

Once all the kids are on the bus and out of the house, and it's just me and my little one, it looks like the swelling is gone.  I am praising God, and she is saying it doesn't hurt.  My husband and I discuss whether or not we should have it checked out just to be sure, then my daughter does something in her movements that indicates she is hurting, and she eventually reveals she doesn't want us to know it hurts because she doesn't want to have it looked at.  The change in events lands us here...

with this being the end result.  CareSpot has splinted her wrist for protection and correction until we can see an orthopedic doctor because it looks like my daughter has broken something in her wrist.

There were some struggles in the office, she didn't want to do the xrays, or let the doctor look at her arm it was tough. (i am not sure why she is so scared of the doctor now, i know she has had a few illnesses where one turned into a hospital stay, and she has ended up in the E.R. a few times, but i can't identify a specific incident that may have brought on this fear.)  She wants a princess dress, and it is not in the budget, and her birthday is just in a couple weeks, so we compromise and take a quick trip to the dollar tree and buy three pieces of dress up style items.

Care Spot gives us information for following up with an Orthopedic doctor to determine how to best treat my daughter's wrist.  I get home realizing there is not much time left for me to get ready before I have to pick up my son from the bus stop.  I had planned soup in the crock pot, but there is not alot of time left before I have to leave again for work.  I throw in two lamb chops that were in the freezer, some seasonings, and all the bagged veggies scraps from the freezer, and put the crock pot on high in hopes that dinner will still be done by the time everyone gets home to eat it. 

I get a call to set up my daughter's orthopedic specialist, and it takes 15 minutes to get her registered.  We will have to wait 10 days for her appointment.  It's going to be fun keeping a three year old from getting her arm wet.  My husband realizes I have not had much sleep and in a telephone conversation says he feels I should take the day off and stay home with our daughter with everything that has happened.  He doesn't want me falling asleep on my drive home later on Monday night.

I take the day off, and my husband and I begin to evaluate if now is the right time for me to be working, he is feeling like now is just a time that my family needs me, espeically with all the people in the house, there is chaos, and he tells me how much he enjoys me being home when he has had a tough day. My babysitter's mom (grandma Joan ) is also struggling in her cancer fight, and not doing very well.  While I know that Aunti L (my best friend and babysitter) would do anything for me, we consider also that maybe she could use the time she spends babysitting my kids, to be with her mom.  There is alot to think about.

The soup does end up cooking and getting done in time for dinner.  I dice up the lamb chops and put them back in the soup, we serve it with some rolls we had in the freezer, and it ends up filling all 11 bellies in the house.  I am not good at cooking for large bunches.

Monday night we end the day watching some tv together, the whole house has a discussion on how the 7 kids in the house, can help with dishes or at least wash the ones they use.  The two smallest girls may need some supervision or help.  There is constant disagreeing on housework, and bed times, and keeping the lights off.  

That was our was yours?

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