Friday, October 24, 2014

Life Unscripted....the green eyed monster

I have officially been the green eyed monster....otherwise known as jealousy.....

Does anyone else have this problem.  Everywhere I go lately I see ladies dressed nice, hair done, nails done, and the family that is staying with us was just awarded 1675 in child support so they will be bringing in over 3000 a month between that and my nephew's working income.  I find myself jealous and coveting wishing we brought in that much money a month.  (I mean it's a good thing because they should be able to move out of our house soon.)

This week has brought and outbreak of lice in 4 of my nephew's five kids which brought on head lice a day or so later in my daughter, and my son was emotional because he feels like my nephews kids have different rules, and there came arguments about bed times etc.  We have had talks about how doing the right things whether or not someone else does can at times be difficult.  My nephew also has a point in that he says just because they don't do things our way that it does not mean that their way is wrong.  There have been arguments about what shows are allowed to be watched in the house etc.  We do not allow horror shows etc and that is what my nephew and his family like to watch despite the fact that in my opinion his kids are too young.  So they want to stay up late in our house and watch them.  This is making it difficult for two families to live together.  I guess I just don't have the loving heart Christ would want me to have when it comes to helping others right now.

So now a second tent is being put up in the yard because my nephews older kids do not want to go along with our rules, so my nephew is moving them out to a tent in the yard. 

A bright spot in the week was that my daughter did not have to get a cast, but just a brace that we can actually take off at bath time and she only has to wear it for three more weeks!  She is much happier with the arrangement.  I had a picture to share but I have satellite internet and I advised our house guests it was not for streaming but they streamed until I have no more data left and I cannot load a picture.  I barely have dial up connection speed because of the streaming. (I think that is my  husband's problem, it isn't so much the sharing of our stuff, it's the stuff being taken, used, not replaced, and used without the courtesy of asking......)

 ( I know I need to start making that list of things I am thankful for, we are healthy, we have a home, my husband has a job)  Sorry I just needed a moment to reprogram my thinking......  Everyone has bad day...days when we are selfish right?

I talked to my husband about how I was feeling and he said he would rather have exactly what we have then to go through whatever someone else has to experience to get what they have.  It was a good and comforting point that is pulling me out of my grouchy state.  So I guess I have an ugly heart, but at least I am honest, and I am not pretending to be something that I am not today.

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ”

Carrie Fisher

and so I am giving up that resentment :0)

How has your day or week been?  Do you have "Debbie Downer," moments too?


  1. Hey girl! First off let me start by saying that despite everything that has happened in your life lately and all that is happening still, I think you are holding up really well and dealing with it the best that you can. That said, I can honestly say that I can identify with you on several things. First, I know what it is like to have other people living in your home and how it can be when you get to "that point." I have been there several times. It is not easy having anyone, including close members of your family, living in your home. At first it seems like a livable situation but then things start going south, especially when your lifestyles do not line up. Since they have this money coming in every month I would think that they can start searching for a place of their own and be truly grateful that you gave them shelter and other means until a time when they could get back on their feet. And as for the green-eyed monster creeping in- yeah, we are human, that happens from time to time. But I completely agree with your husband (who kudos to him by the way for noticing how much your frugal way of living matters to your family): you both have every reason to be content with what you have and where you are in life. You have each other, you have beautiful children, a roof over your heads and you are making it. Life is not perfect and there will always be those around you that seem to have more than you do, but when you think about all of your own blessings, I'm sure you wouldn't trade places with them even if you could. I sometimes get discouraged when I see people being careless and wasteful and frivolous with what they have and it seems like they always come out on top while we work hard, scrimp, sacrifice and still cant get caught up, but in the end it is your inner peace that matters, and that, my friend, is a gift you have from the Lord. You do great, MJ! You are a good mom, wife, friend and family member. You are a blessing to many readers who follow your blog. You are real and you are a good example of someone who seeks to follow Christ and His will for your life. Keep allowing Him to mold you and shape you into the wonderful person He wants you to be! :)

  2. It sounds as if you are not so much envious of what others may have as you are weary. There is a fine line between being loving and Christlike, and being abused.

    I will agree that different families have different rules, but the old adage "When in Rome..." pretty much applies here. As I see it, your home is Rome and the onus in on those to whom your are extending hospitality. There seems to be a lack of respect for your home and your children. Having different rules does not mean taking over, it means finding some compromise.

  3. ladies you both make valid and very wonderful points. I wish we could all sit in my kitchen and drink coffee (or whatever you like) and be friends...but I love that I can connect with each of you here on the blog. I learn a lot from those that follow along, and a I appreciate it much. I do want to be Christlike but I often feel like I am failing. Maybe I am not after reading some of the comments I have received. Dawn you said it perfectly about feeling like "while we scrimp, work hard, and sacrifice, and still can't get caught up" it seems like others that are frivolous come out on top. Truthfully though you are right I wouldn't really want to trade places. Anne, you also put my thoughts into words, that we feel disrespected in our home,(I was not sure if we were being unreasonable.) we are not sure how to address it, and I doubt my nephew and his family would see it. Love the outside perspective.

  4. Wow, what a profound statement your husband made. He is so correct. I would rather be content with what I have then go through what others did to get what they have. Powerful words.

  5. You are right pulled me out of that mood!