Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sharing ways we save

is really short and sweet this week....

I participated in a local church's bread basket program again....we get left over panera bagels and some other goodies stores couldn't use or sell before they go bad, but those bagels sure do fill 11 hungry tummies with a side of eggs on Sunday morning!

While at the bread basket a lady had stuff in the back of her trunk asking everyone to look and see if there was anything anyone wanted.  She gave me a dress that had some funky colors and a pair of nine west heels that match.  I tried on both today, they fit, with the dress being great but would be better if i work on my waist line, in the mean time i plan to wear it with a sweater or dressy jacket!

I stayed home.

Unplugged things and turned off switches for things when not in use.

Found what my daughter wants for her birthday on Craigslist with the help of my nephew and can get everything for 40.00 instead of $100.00.  (don't worry i wouldn't have really spend the 100.00 we were just pricing things.)

Frugal Flops:

My husband bought his lunch out one was only 5.00 but still it was supposed to be a no spend week.

One more week and I will total up everything hoping to find that I have enough to pay both my rent and the bill to the old landlord.  One more week.  Stay home...and save.

What are your budgeting plans....


  1. Good luck on you week! My budgeting plans are what the are each week."Try to do a better job of it"

  2. Anne, that is a great goal!!!!! Love it.....