Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sharing Ways We Save

* My nephew was given by a friend of a friend a second hand vacuum and three wooden tv trays.  He will not be needing them, so he gave them to us!  (I traded my vacuum a couple months ago when we lived in the apartment and did not need one for an ice cream maker.  While our floors are mostly tile, it's alot easier to vacuum up all the dirt that comes in.)

* Laundry detergent and homemade dog food were made in the house, as well as dry milk mixed with water to make regular milk. 

* Redeemed Swagbucks for an Amazon gift card to pay for a Christmas gift for my husband.  I will only have to pay 3.00 for the item

*  I found really inexpensive jewelry on ebay for 1.00 each.  It is Frozen themed and that will help me stretch my Christmas gifting abilities.  So I spent 4.00 and that will be a gift for 4 of the girls in the house.

*  I also found a book my husband wants to read on ebay for 5.00 this will be another gift for him

* We have been saving brown paper bags to use as wrapping paper for Christmas gifts.  (My husband for some reason hates wrapping paper, but I think that is the fun part of Christmas tearing off paper to reveal the surprise.  So since he hates it, i am not spending any money on it...gonna just use something we have on had to wrap stuff.  I also hear that the comic section of newspapers make good wrapping paper.)

*My washer is not working quite right but my nephew had one in storage so we have a temporary solution as he has hooked his up until they find a place.

*recieved a small plastic bin full of hand me downs from my bestie for my daughter.

*discovered that greens still on the stalk at the grocery store are much cheaper then the ones already cut up for you and may possibly last longer. I can cut them myself.... :)

How was your week...i would love to hear about it!


  1. Great week, MJ! I laughed about the wrapping paper- we have lots of comics saved to use as wrapping paper for birthday presents.
    Sounds like you are doing great with your Christmas shopping. I checked out the Frozen jewelry on ebay that you mentioned (great deal!) and even told my friend about it- she has 3 girls. :)

  2. hope it works out for them! I was not as well planned as you but we are working on it and figuring it out..I can always do better next year..i even decorated....LOL...bah humbug...hahahaha....hope you and yours are doing well!

  3. I have wrapped a ton of gifts in brown paper. Sometimes I paint on it with either copper, red or green paint. ( But I do have a ton of craft paint so I don't have to buy anything) I always have ribbon since I iron it after using and store it for next time. The presents turn out really pretty. I'm sure yours will also.