Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sharing Ways We Save

We scored some deals and steals at local yard sales.

My husband got three, suits for 3.00 each and they fit him great.

I got some picture frames (i decorate my house mostly with family pictures instead of department store decor)  I got some nice ones for really cheap.

The kids got some Paper Jams guitars for .50 that was nice. we can rock out

We cleaned up and unpacked a few boxes, and I found a cute fall wreath to hang on the porch (didn't know i had it)

I also found a pair of eye glasses that were mine but I could not wear them because they were bent out of shape....I figured what the hay, and gave em a good bend, they were already unusable right?.  I bent them back in to shape amazingly.  So now I have a practically brand new pair of glasses to wear...I tossed the old ones that kept falling off my face.

 On Saturday night, though it is not my birthday yet, we went to my favorite place, TEXAS ROADHOUSE  to celebrate (love the steak dinner that is 9.99)  and Auntie L had given me two free kids meal tokens, and I had a free appetizer coupon (as a birthday gift from the restaurants email program)  We received  18.00 off the bill.

I was also given two Walmart Gift cards, one to replace my broken bowls and the other just because, and I used it to buy the turkey loaf for Thanksgiving dinner, as well as toilet paper, and a couple other household items.

I recieved a free sample of Gevalia coffe in the mail from Pinch Me.  Apparently you can register to get free samples of different items approximately every two weeks.  You get the item try.  You go back to Pinch Me and leave a review.  Here is the link I used

I received 20.00 for dog sitting for Auntie L over the past weekend. 

We also tried to combine errands as much as possible. 

Frugal Flop:

My husband backed over my apple tree by accident with his work truck and trailer.  You can't tell from the picture, but two of the branches got wrapped around the wheel well.  We are going to attempt to plant it in the front yard and see what happens.  It is not quite a year old yet.  

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  1. Oh my- sorry to hear about your apple tree. I hope it does well when you replant it. Great finds on the suits at the yard sale- Cant beat that deal! It sounds like you had a good week of saving.
    Hope You Have a Very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!