Monday, December 22, 2014

Sharing Ways We Save

I think one of the hardest things about being frugal is any mocking or name calling people like to do.  I recently discovered someone was calling us "trailer trash" and telling people if they want to aspire to be more they should hang out with people who have money....(instead of us apparently)  Ok.  That stung a little, but you know the person doesn't even personally know my family.  To be told yeah you live but not well etc...etc. While the comments irritate me, it was just what I needed for the discontentment I was feeling to be obliterated.  When I thought about it, I love learning new ways to be creative within what we have.  So I guess I should tell them thank you for sharing their opinion.

Here was our week.

A friend found lots of wrapping paper in her attic, and allowed me to choose what I wanted.  I selected two rolls.(Though I have been using brown paper bags for wrapping paper too.  I appreciate all the tips everyone gave me about ways to decorate them etc!)

I made book marks using cereal boxes, scrapbook paper, and other craft supplies I already had on hand.

Saved left over veggies, gravies, and meatballs from meals and have put them in freezer for future use in soups.

My husband cut my daughters bangs

He also received from a customer a twin size wooden bed frame and three boogie boards that she did not want anymore.  We will use the bed frame for my daughter's bed.....(once my nephew and his wife move out we are separating the kids into their own room...and all we have is a bunk bed set right now.)

The church had some overgrown plants...I trimmed them and brought the clippings home to make a new plant.

We baked dog treats, peppermint sugar cookies, and peanut butter balls.  I boxed these up in a really cute Mickey and Minnie tin for my husband for Christmas....

This will be my final post before Christmas comes, so from my household to yours...We wish you a very                                                     MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!


  1. You know, MJ, people like you mentioned above who talk about others in a negative way have no class. Just hearing what they said tells me a lot about their character. And how you respond to those people tells a lot about your character. Your positive attitude and thankfulness for the blessings in your life are a testimony to the people around you. If I know you like I think I do, I know that you will get past the hurt of their unkind and untrue words and realize that they just need a closer walk with God (and a good swift kick in the seat of their pants might help a little bit too!) ;)

    I like all the ways you saved this week! Just reading all you did gave me a lot of ideas on things I can do to be more frugal and efficient in my own home. I think using cereal boxes to make bookmarks is a great idea- it's good sturdy cardboard (and really thrifty!)

    Mmm!! Those peanut butter chocolates look yummy! What a nice way to gift them by putting them in a decorative tin. You really have everyone covered- I think it is so sweet that you even baked dog treats!

    This week I stayed out of stores so I wouldn't be tempted to get "just one more" gift for the kids- you know how that would end up. :( Aside from that I have been cleaning a lot. I cant think of too many thrifty things out of the ordinary that I did. Today we made gifts for my son's teacher and the crossing guard: I did a search online for free printable Christmas candy bar wrappers and printed out a couple with gingerbread men on it. We wrapped Hershey bars in each one and put a bow on them. We were happy with how they turned out and they do make cute little (frugal) gifts- who doesn't love a chocolate bar! ;)

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! :)

  2. Love the chocolate bar idea....I am sure everyone will love it!!! I know what you mean about staying out of the stores. It is easy to have that though of just one more thing....I have had it a couple times. My son though stops and says to me after we went to a Christmas party Saturday morning and says...You know mom, I don't think we need anything else for Christmas. We have been given alot more then we usually do, and it's more then enough. That kid gets me....every time.....I pray he continues with a good heart and can be happy with what he has and doesn't always want more.

    I know what you mean about cleaning too. It's been difficult with extra bodies...we clean it and then when everyone is home stuff and dirt is everywhere. I will just be cleaning a little at a time over the next couple will just be my family anyway on Christmas day.....We also made a home made kitty igloo but I forgot to post it..besides it needs a little touching up.maybe I will post it next week. My son says our pets are family too...and usually he wants me to buy them all something and we would hit the dollar tree...but this is the most we have ever had.(we are up to four dogs of our own since we never found that stray's homemade is how that worked this year. I have typed a book...sorry Merry Christmas!

  3. I would never pay attention to anyone who felt the need to comment on my finances (either lack of it or extent of it). I feel sorry for people who have never had to struggle. It changes your appreciation for all things.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Merry Christmas Anne! You are right, I shouldn't give it a second thought!