Monday, December 8, 2014

Sharing Ways We Save

I found Cuties on sale at Walmart for 3.50 a bag.  They are usually six dollars.  My 4 year old recently discovered she can peel these herself, and I would much rather her eat a piece of fruit then candy.

Shopped a local book store that sells both new and used books and for 15.00 got a couple of nice gifts for my husband and son.

There is a local church that hosts a thrift store on Thursdays and you can fill a bag for a dollar.  I got quite a bit for my daughter.  A new bathing suit. A pair of boots, two dresses,pajamas and some other items.  I also found a great vintage purse.  Two of the dresses that I got for my daughter I will put away as Christmas gifts.  I paid 2.00 for the lot.

I redeemed my free birthday pastry from Panera. (If you have one of their cards, it is a free perk.  For your birthday they give you a free surprise.) Turned it into coffee/shopping day with my bestie.  We were looking for ideas for Christmas etc.

Went to the local Christmas parade.  The kids got lots of free candy (like we need that right but they really enjoyed it.) (they got tired of waiting for it to start though)

I also am part of the Kellogg's reward program at because occasionally we buy pastry bars or cereal that include codes you can enter and earn points for.  For my birthday they awarded me with a 20.00 credit to  I used the credit to order Christmas cards, and some prints to finish some picture projects to decorate my walls around the house.  I just had to pay shipping of $5.00.

I visited a couple yard sales on Saturday, and got some stocking stuffers for 1.50.  I also got a scrapbook, one of those ones that are done for you.  You just have to add pictures.  I picked up this one for my daughter.  I know she is 4 but she never had one, and my son does.  I thought it would be a nice project to work on for her that she will appreciate when she is older.

I also took a look at our budget again.  I was able to review some bills and remove some things that were not necessary, and I have decided to cancel my YMCA membership.  These things will save us $90.00 per month.  

I hope some of this information helps someone.  Thanks for following along or stopping by.  Don't forget that everything you do, or don't do matters!


  1. Awesome week, MJ! The monthly savings from shaving off your bills is fabulous! I like the cuties too- I keep some in a fruit bowl on the table for the same reason- I'd rather the kids grab that and help themselves than go for candy. :)

  2. I keep the cuties also, but there are no little people here. We love them! Does that mean we are childlike or at least have young spirits! Hope so!

    Great for finding the $90 savings. When you look at it over a years time it is a lot of money

  3. Thanks ladies, I hope each of you had a good week as well. I know things are possibly hectic for everyone with the holidays coming. Enjoy your cuties, and find some time to relax!!!!